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At eNyota, we solemnly stand by customized mLearning or mobile learning experiences.


As the world moves away from traditional training concepts, it is time to consider and invest in modern concepts like training on-the-go. mLearning or mobile learning is perfect for this.

What is mLearning?


What is mLearning? Mobile View


mLearning is the concept of training employees on-the-go. Traditional training requires employees to attend classroom training sessions conducted by a physical trainer. Traditional eLearning requires learners to access training on a desktop. In a way, both these forms of training are bound or limited in accessibility and are dependent on a physical location.

mLearning gives learners a mobile learning environment. Where training and learning activities are delivered directly to a learner’s mobile phone irrespective of their current location. It is a successful attempt at allowing learners to learn new skills and consume learning content at their own pace wherever and whenever.

Mobile Learning Technology in Education

Till recently, mLearning was confined to employee training and development activities. More directly, it was used to deliver training to on-field agents like sales professionals and services providers.
However, with a decrease in the average median age of mobile users and improved data availability around the world, mLearning has also started to make its way into the lives of students learning a range of subjects. With the recent pandemic and global lockdown on places of education, mobile learning along with other primary formats of eLearning made a successful entry into the lives of students and teachers, changing the way teaching and learning is practiced.

The best mLearning courses comprise of bite-sized courses that are responsive, learner-engaging, and consumable. Such concepts further aid the presence and acceptance of mLearning in the education sector. Above all, mLearning enables easy access to important information without having to be in a classroom which finds a lot of accepting takers given the current situation.


Benefits of mLearning
Benefits of mLearning


Increases learner experience

mLearning exponentially increases the learning experience. From a time when learners were dependent on trainers and physical venues to a time where training on a desktop was seen as revolutionary. Mobile learning with its accessibility and ease in usage alongside a multitude of applications greatly increased the learning experience.

Today, millions of global learners who may not have access to a desktop and classroom, but have easy access to cheaper smartphones and data are looking at limitless opportunities to learn, train, and develop their skills in a way like never before.

Employees who once were forced to reject training in the name of shortage of time can now access training anytime anywhere using their phones. This model is already in use by many organizations like retail staff training on a mobile phone and real-estate agents as well. Soon many more industries will take to mobile learning as well.

Reduces stress on learners

Travelling anywhere can be stressful for some if not all. In fact, the traditional training model of travelling learners and trainers is stressful on everybody involved. For example, the learners, trainers, and even the organizers are stressed keeping in mind the execution of such large events, especially when the number of learners arriving is large.

eLearning already cancels the need for all of this, but mLearning completely reduces the stress factor on learners. With mLearning, learners can access training even during their free time while riding a bus or waiting in a lobby for their personal appointment.

When looking through the eyes of a field professional, it further reduces the stress by providing employees with all the information they need at their fingertips while on the job.

Avoids face-to-face interactions

Face-to-face interactions was already seeing a steady decline in numbers. However, the recent situation has cemented its fate. Learners may never witness the complete format of face-to-face training post this epidemic for the fear of infections and personal safety. Whatever be the case, face-to-face training has successfully been replaced by eLearning and its concepts like mobile learning.

Aids traditional learning process

Even under the hypothetical scenario for mLearning, where people revert back to complete traditional training concepts. Mobile phones will continue to be an integral part of a learner’s life.
As a result, trainers and L&D can deliver supplementary training or supportive training to learners on their smartphones if they choose to.

The combinations in which mLearning can aid traditional training practices are many and up to the innovative mindsets of trainers and L&D.
The learning technology is available and mobile technology will continue to evolve. Early adopters of mobile learning will truly reap the benefits of successful mLearning implementation.


Know Your Context

We always ask our clients about their primary motivation to opt for mLearning. Is it to support learners with mobile learning content aimed at performance improvement or support? Knowing the context for mLearning is critical.

Simplify Navigation

We never encourage over-the-top designs, no matter how good it is, if it’s going to affect navigation on a mobile screen. Our instructional designers work towards proportional layouts in context to a mobile screen.

Avoid Information Density

Mobile learning aims to simplify on-the-go training where quick and important information delivery is the key. Mobile content must be bite-sized. We design content keeping in mind storage space and bandwidth to support both online and offline usage.

Choose Mobile-Friendly Technology

Choose the right technology to achieve mobile-friendly outputs. Our designers recommend technology such as HTML5 to make mobile learning more versatile, robust, faster, and responsive.

Custom mLearning Solutions We Offer


Custom mLearning Solutions We Offer


Our expertise in the field of custom mobile-based learning and supporting customized learning solutions includes multi-device and iOS-ready solutions, UX, high responsiveness, cloud hosting, and on-the-field learning for efficient solutions in the field of learning.

The results have been positive and the market penetration substantial, making it the best solution to opt for a future-ready learning program.

Here are a few of our offerings:

  • Mobile learning courses using rapid authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline, Articulate 360, Articulate Rise, Captivate, Lectora, Evolve, Claro, etc.

  • Custom mobile learning apps using native iOS and Android-app development toolkits

  • Microlearning courses for smartphones in either custom HTML5 or as native apps

  • Custom HTML5-based courses meant for devices like iPads, Android tablets, or iOS and Android smartphones

  • Responsive mobile learning or responsive course design and development using eNyota’s internal framework called Responsive Design Framework (RDF)

  • Performance support mobile apps, with backend content management systems to publish content or standalone apps

  • Sales and service support apps for field sales and support teams to access training content on the job

At eNyota, we solemnly stand by customized learning experiences because custom mobile learning is the need of the hour. As a result, we leverage technology and modern instructional design strategies to provide an optimum eLearning experience.

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