At eNyota, we design engaging and creative scenarios, weaved in with a compelling and meaningful story.


  • How effectively do you want to deliver the message behind your training?

  • Would you like to have your learners engaged and immersed in the training courses?

  • Would you like learners to have hands-on practice based on the training content, but without the attached risks of conducting it live?

If you find all this appealing, then maybe it’s time to touch-up your digital training narratives. Stories sell like hotcakes! Today, everything of value is all about storytelling and how strong the message is. eLearning is no exception. The most effective eLearning courses are supported by strong, relevant stories. It is essentially the hook that grips learners and holds their attention throughout the course.

The big question is how best can you make eLearning relatable. How would you incorporate and craft relatable situations into eLearning? This is where scenario-based learning comes in. Scenarios are one of the best ways to narrate real-life situations and give learners a sense of probable situations to take the right action. Scenario-based learning is proven to be one of the most effective ways to involve learners and create an engaging eLearning course.

At eNyota, we design engaging and creative scenarios, weaved in with a compelling and meaningful story.



Our scenario-based courses weave in features which:

  • Expose learners to simulated environments with complex situations

  • Add multiple perspectives to broaden the scope of responses

  • Generate an emotional connect through strong character establishment

  • Create a real-life circumstance to explain the gravity and intensity of situations

  • Integrate branching scenarios, decision-making, problem-solving, critical thinking, situational analysis, logical reasoning, and rational thinking

  • Provide feedback and give the right solution to deal with real-life situations at workplace

Scenario-based courses work best for soft skills development, interpersonal skills development, behavioral trainings, workplace security, privacy and security, and other such areas where informed and sensitive decision-making plays a vital role.

We Base Scenario-Based eLearning on The Following Principles:

  • Ideation of custom scenarios

  • Directed exploration

  • Action-consequence effect

  • Safe environment practice

At eNyota, we believe scenario-based learning is a mix of all these principles added in the right proportion. Once the core idea is in place, we provide a guided exploration to learners on various aspects of scenario.

We build a safe environment for learners to practice and fall back in the safety net, while also giving them the right feedback. This ensures that learners take the right decisions and also understand the repercussions of wrong decisions on their work environment and themselves.



Your organization is unique, and you need to have scenarios that cater specifically to your target group. Customized scenario learning makes the course relatable and triggers an emotional connect with learners due to its personalized approach.

It is very important to make the content relatable as this provides learners with an added motivation toward taking the course. Learners are highly receptive to relatable content as they feel more involved and invested in the stories that they’re immersed in. This also enhances the learner’s perception of the organization. Scenario-based online training helps you achieve the training objective and offers learner-friendly solutions that provide substantial knowledge by way of relevant content and real-life based examples.

Here are Some Benefits of Scenario-Based Training or eLearning:

Scenarios Present a Safe Environment to Learn
Scenario-based eLearning courses present learners with an environment to learn and even make mistakes with consequences. It’s a safe environment where learners can test and try a multitude of solutions without the fear of real-world consequences like loss of money, damage to property, or even maligning company image.

Scenarios Promote Critical Thinking and Decision Making
Scenario-based eLearning courses are designed to encourage learners to take decisions in a simulated environment. Often, the problems they solve are like real-world occurrences and this requires them to think and take critical decisions to come up with the best solutions.

Helps with Behavior Change Training
Studies say that behavior changes are triggered by situations and such changes are often long-lasting and permanent. Scenario-based eLearning can often be used to permanently alter a person’s outlook and behavior in certain situations by putting them in a simulated environment, giving learners a new perspective on previously untested and unknown situations.

On the other hand, generic courses or off-the-shelf courses may not necessarily address the organizational needs effectively.

Are you fascinated by the idea of an engaging story that weaves in characters and teaches your learners how to deal with situations? So, why wait? We can give you realistic scenarios that foster real learning!