Cloud-Based Learning Management System — Abara LMS

Cloud-based LMS, also known as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) LMS, provides a flexible and accessible solution for businesses to deliver eLearning-based training to their learners without installing hardware or software on their own computers.

With cloud-based LMS, you can access the platform from anywhere and at any time as long as you have stable internet connection.

A cloud-based learning platform can offer your business many benefits, from more cost-efficient employee development to stress-free setup and maintenance. Our proprietary cloud-based learning management system – Abara LMS – is a multiple award-winning software. It is built to train a modern corporate workforce and is loaded with only the features needed to make employee training a fun and engaging activity.

Abara’s cloud-based LMSes architecture is considered safer than traditional on-premise LMS because Abara is hosted on a secure AWS cloud-computing platform. This means that your data is stored in a secure data centre, and we take care of your data for backup and recovery purposes.

Finally, the Abara cloud-based LMS is quickly becoming the way of the future for many organizations due to its scalability, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use. As some organizations move towards remote work and digitalization, Abara’s cloud-based LMS can help keep up with the rapidly changing landscape of technology and learning.

Why Invest in a Cloud Learning Management System?

Experience the best of eLearning with a cloud-based LMS!

Say goodbye to heavy web hosting and hello to the cloud. A cloud-based LMS is a reliable and robust system that lets you access, upload, and manage all eLearning resources with ease while also collecting and keeping track of your learner’s progress in the cloud.

With no need for software installations, just log in and start learning. You can also be mobile and still learn, just download our mobile LMS app for your phone or tablet.

Experience the best of eLearning with the power of cloud-based LMS and take your training to newer heights.

Cloud Learning Management System
Cloud Learning Management System

Interested in Knowing More About Our Cloud-Based LMS?

Abara LMS is a world-class cloud-based learning management system designed by eNyota Learning with over 16 years of experience designing eLearning and training software solutions serving top organizations around the globe.

Our hassle-free cloud-LMS carries only the most essential features, making it an agile and lightweight LMS to promote distraction-free corporate training.

Abara is designed following a six-point guide, making it one of the best-in-class cloud-based learning management systems available today.

Experience the power of Abara LMS and take your corporate training to the next level.

Abara’s Cloud-Based LMS is designed on these 6 points:

Give your learners the ultimate learning experience with Abara, an award-winning cloud-based LMS. Abara offers improved functionality and faster response times, and that’s one reason why Abara LMS has bagged multiple awards for its UI and UX design, providing unparalleled ease of use.
Discover the power of Abara, a robust cloud-based LMS. With unlimited storage and backup, and 24*5 monitoring, Abara provides a secure and reliable platform for all your training needs. Build your entire training ecosystem using a combination of learning paths, instructor-led training (both web and classroom), social learning, and enjoy analytics and pre-programmed reporting.
With Android and iOS learner side applications, learners can always access their training. Even if you lose network, Abara will allow you to sync your data whenever you are connected again.
Make your LMS look and function the way you want it to. You don’t have to deal with the bells and whistles you don’t need. Customize the interface to reflect your branding and design, and customize the features you need to match the objective of your training.
Pick from over 50 different features such as, gamification, leaderboards, multi-tenant structure, learning paths, detailed reports and analytics, etc.
Abara offers a unique pricing model—on a pay-per-user basis. Once you have a list of the number of users you want on the system, you pay only for those! In comparison to web hosting which includes installation charges and other set up and maintenance costs, a cloud-based learning management system is easily accessible to learners without too many costs involved.

Advantages of Opting for A Cloud-Based LMS

Welcome to the world of cloud-based LMS, where hassle-free training is just a click away! Opting for a cloud-based learning management system like Abara LMS comes with a host of advantages, including scalability, security, always updated software, and reduced maintenance.

Cloud Learning Management System

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