Training Companies

LMS for Training Companies

Training companies need a robust LMS with multi-tenancy support.


Abara LMS is an ideal LMS for Training companies that want to sell or offer their training courses/programs via an LMS.

Whether you are a training company looking to distribute courses directly to customers (D2C) via eCommerce sales of courses or via Licenses to corporate clients (B2B), Abara LMS has the right features for both business models.

Abara LMS is a blended learning LMS. So, you have the option of offering:

  • Fully Digital Courses

    Upload and distribute digital training content formats like video, SCORM eLearning courses, digital documents like Word, PPT, PDF etc.

  • Blended Instructor-Led Live Virtual Classroom

    Connect your Zoom/WebEx or GoToMeeting accounts and combine them with digital course material to create a blended learning course.

  • Blended Instructor-Led In-Person Classroom

    Set up your training locations, set classroom capacity, and offer your courses to clients for traditional in-person training. You can set up your own training locations or business centers or hotels and offer your courses for sale via eCommerce or enrollment.

Training Companies

Unlike lightweight LMSes out there, Abara LMS is an enterprise-grade LMS and is ideal for training companies offering training to their corporate clients.

Training Companies


  • Adopt digital learning technologies quickly

    Convert your classroom training content into fully digital learning or blended learning programs within days instead of weeks or months.

  • Distribute digital courses via eCommerce

    Put a price tag on a course and offer these courses via your existing website or use Abara LMS’s WordPress plug-in or Abara LMS’s in-built eCommerce engine.

  • Distribute blended learning to corporate clients

    As a training company, corporate clients often represent a bigger market opportunity. With Abara LMS’s enterprise grade features, training companies can offer blended programs via licensing models to their clients.

  • Automate your training content licensing

    With Abara LMS, training companies can assign licenses for a single course or a set of courses manually or automatically based on customer roles/designations and custom meta-data. This reduced administrative work makes the process of managing the LMS easy.

  • Automate your certification and continuing education workflows

    A training company that offers certification programs can create certificates, attach them to a course(s) and on successfully completing the course(s), learners will get their certificates. The LMS also keeps track of Continuing Education Credits (CE) or Continuing Education Units (CEU).

  • Engage learners

    In addition to digital and blended learning options, offer Instructor Q&A and discussion forums so that learners can interact with their peers and instructors offline via the system and enjoy the benefits of interaction.

  • Automate assessments and evaluations via Tests and Surveys

    Convert paper-based assessments and surveys into online assessments and tests with deep analytics – both individual and cohorts. Leverage this data to improve your training content, provide feedback to learners as well corporate clients along with detailed reports on pre and post training outcomes.

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