Game-based eLearning is a training concept which works well to build team relationships, improve decision making skills, and create an environment of healthy comptetition. All of this is achievd by turning bits of training into games which learners play to progress and complete.


Gamification in eLearning encourages learners to participate, engage, compete, express, play, and learn in a fun and interesting environment to achieve learning objectives with substantial learner engagement. Games have proved to increase learner retention rates by up to 70% because of their ability to engage learners.

New-age learning uses gamification to appeal to modern learners and allows them to take decisions in an immersive learning environment. The idea is to impart information and training to learners who are engaged playing a game and ensure that the knowledge transferred has a high recall rate. A sticky learning method—gamified learning has multiple benefits including knowledge retention, high learner-engagement, learner involvement, employee performance engagement, and productivity boosting.

Game based Learning


  • Game-based learning involves active participation and supports ‘learning by doing’.
  • Gamification in eLearning stimulates active participation and inculcates a competitive edge.

  • It demands high learner engagement which ensures better retention.

  • It allows learners to practice in a safe environment, make decisions, and role-play without real consequences.

  • Gamification in online trainings builds involvement, releases tension and demands active sensory participation from learners.

  • Learners get remedial feedback which helps in identifying gaps and scope of improvement.

Statistics show that learners are highly motivated when they are rewarded and challenged. Points, badges, scores, feedback, certificates, and leaderboards are small reinforcements that add larger value to the eLearning course.

Imagine an eLearning game environment in which you have to organize a workplace by actually organizing it! Wouldn’t it be interesting to learn workplace cleanliness through gamified eLearning?

Game-based learning environments prove to be an effective immersive learning technique where learning is delivered with tangible results. This, in turn, increases the productivity of your employees.



At eNyota, we offer a wide variety of gamification options. Here are a few types of gamification approaches we’ve used:

  • Structural Gamification: In this approach, the content is presented with gamified elements but is not a complete game in itself. Badges, trophies, scores, etc. are awarded to learners as they successfully answer questions and progress through the course. A visual theme like a treasure map, for example, can overarch the course to add a fun element to the course. A timed assessment can add a competitive touch to your learning program. This approach works well when the target audience isn’t well versed with eLearning and budgets are limited.

  • Content Gamification: This approach turns the content into a game in itself. Content is structured and written using a game-based tone. This is a complex approach to gaming and requires investment of time from the SME and longer turnaround times.

  • Integrated Gamification Courses: This is a more complex approach to gamification where virtual reality-based simulations and game mechanics are combined for a more high-end gaming experience. This approach requires the technology (like wearable devices) to be easily available for learners.

  • Micro Learning-Based Gamification Courses: Micro learning is one of the most powerful and effective ways to make learning effective and powerful. Micro learning integrated with gamification is one of the best-proven solutions for impactful learning.

  • Custom Game-Based Solutions: Gamification courses that are highly customized to suit learner’s needs perfectly and give a personalized touch, thus increasing knowledge retention. Immersive learning techniques like role-plays, decision-making, combined with strong characters and story lines can make your training truly impactful.

  • Mobile Learning-Based Gamification Courses: We also integrate game-based learning courses with mobile learning to deliver bite-sized courses that can be taken on the go regardless of the space and time. App-based courses built with a gamified theme give a modern touch to your training!

  • Analytics: We include analytics that allows you to track the data metrics of your learners and maintains their scoreboards, certifications, etc.

At eNyota, we support the new digital learning trend and do what it takes to up our game of eLearning. Our team of wizards design and implement game mechanics in eLearning courses with ground-breaking ideas for an optimum learning experience based on ‘learn by doing’.

How do you know if your current training could benefit from a game-based learning so