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Building a game-based eLearning course is simple, but truly gamifying a training module in a way that makes it appealing both aesthetically and functionally is what we specialize at.

What Does Game-Based Learning or Gamification Mean?

Game-based eLearning or gamification is more than just adding leaderboards, badges, and reward mechanisms to your eLearning courses. Game-based training is a process of building eLearning that is engaging while compelling learners to develop their skills in a competitive environment surrounded by peers. It’s about encouraging and incentivizing learning by rewarding those that achieve the highest levels of skill development.

Game-Based Learning

Gamification In Corporate Training

Gamification has proved to be an asset in the hands of HRs and team managers looking to make long-term sustainable changes in the behavior of employees. Some organizations record more than 35% increase in their productivity since introducing points and reward systems for completing tasks. Modern training facilitators understand the power of gamification and are increasingly applying it across all functions including training. Gamification of training at the workplace is quickly becoming common among compliance training, software application, and communication training. Research also indicates that 28% of learners feel motivated to learn when the training is not gamified vs. 83% of learners who feel motivated to take on a game-based training course. The same group also indicates that 49% of the learners would eventually get bored of the non-gamified training vs. only 10% of learners for gamified training.

Gamified training is also not limited to any one sector or industry. From Google to Deloitte, and even the US army, a lot of organizations are implementing well-documented instances of gamified learning.

Dos And Don’ts of Gamified Learning

Gamification of training only works when the game is thoughtfully designed to cater to the type of audience and to ensure they are successfully gaining some knowledge from the training. The key is to do it harmoniously with the content, with the star player still being the training content.

Points to Consider when Building Gamified eLearning Courses


Some important use-cases for gamified learning are those where the training is commonly perceived as boring. The idea is to make such training engaging enough for learners to complete while maintaining high levels of knowledge retention. Some of the common use cases are:

Gamified courses can turn boring compliance topics into interesting objective-based training where learners take the right or wrong decisions based on circumstances. Be careful of the theme you choose because you don’t want to dilute a serious topic like this.

Software application training works well in combination with reward-driven training. Software training being very objective oriented is well supported by game-based training which uses objective completion as its foundation.

Both sales training and the act of selling itself can be gamified to increase productivity. Topics such as soft skills, email composition, pitching, and negotiations training can be gamified using a simple rewards-based system.
Since outputs are more easily measurable and tracked, it makes for a great scoring mechanism within the gamified training realm. Any job whose output is easily quantifiable makes for a great subject on which gamified training can be built.
Game-Based Learning
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Game-Based Learning

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