eLearning Course Conversion Services

Outdated training content may exist in both paper-based and electronic formats. For paper-based training, there are few options, but for outdated electronic training, finding a learning management system that supports legacy software formats in 2022 may be a challenge. This is where eLearning course conversion comes in.

How can eLearning Course Conversion Help?

eLearning is versatile in its ability to reuse old, legacy content by way of eLearning course conversion, making it available on all modern training platforms.

Conversion of paper-based training and old electronic training to support new LMS formats fall under eLearning course conversion.

eLearning Course Conversion

Can Old Training be Reused and is eLearning Course Conversion Necessary?

Technically, old training content with relevant information but outdated formats are perfectly suitable for upgradation. The practice of updating legacy training content by converting it to newer eLearning formats helps save resources like cost, efforts, and time needed to build new, non-existent training from ground up. Learning professionals must conduct an internal content audit to determine existing pieces of training that are outdated technologically but relevant content-wise and update them. Following this process frees vital resources needed to build new training content that is still non-existent in the company’s training repository. eLearning course conversion is essential to building a training and development ecosystem which successfully reuses existing training content by periodically updating it.

Why Choose a Professional eLearning Conversion Service?

Converting bulk training courses from legacy to new age needs the expertise and manpower of a professional eLearning development agency with expertise in end-to-end course conversion.

From converting classroom-based training to completely digitized eLearning or converting outdated Flash-based training to a modern mobile format, eLearning development agencies possess a range of solutions to tackle your legacy course conversion needs.

Trained experts assist organizations update their training and development framework along all levels which include updating legacy training to support new learning management systems and mobile devices.

eLearning Course Conversion
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eLearning Conversion Services We Offer

Convert your training that resides in the form of PowerPoint presentations to SCORM compliant training.

We can assist you with converting PPT-based training material to more sophisticated SCORM outputs consisting of interactivity and assessments that support record-keeping on most modern SCORM LMSes.

Global lockdowns, travel restrictions, social distancing, and increased cost of in-person training has led more organizations to opt for online training.

We assist you in switching to completely digitized training. Using rapid authoring tools, our eLearning experts convert your classroom training content into interactive training content. This conversion also gives our eLearning development experts an opportunity to add new life into old and outdated training designs (both instructional as well as visual design).

You do not need to switch to a completely online format of training, rather opt for VILT, where a trainer is still in charge of the training sessions which are managed remotely with the assistance of eLearning courses used as content delivery mechanisms.

We assist organizations to build training content in eLearning format that works well with your VILT sessions.

With Adobe phasing out the Flash players and its updates, it is critical for organizations that are still relying on Flash-based eLearning to make the switch to HTML courses.

Our eLearning development experts are well-versed in all modern authoring tools and can easily assist with converting your Flash-based courses to HTML outputs using any of the popular authoring tools.

If your eLearning is still served in previous generation formats like AICC, then it is time to update to SCORM which is more reliable and supported by all modern learning management systems.

Additionally, SCORM enables eLearning experts to build more tracking and data capturing abilities into their eLearning courses.

eLearning Course Conversion

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