eNyotians Speak

Someone wise once said that happy people are productive people! In continuation of our 10 year celebrations, our team decided to put together a video to show how they feel about eNyota. Watch this video to see what makes eNyota special and why we love where we are and what we do!

Meet Our Team Members

At eNyota, we believe that “Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain exceptional results!” And our results are always exceptional! We work as a team, and are always around for each other. We share our knowledge, and everyone learns more than just ‘their’ skill. We work hard…very hard! We not only continuously learn,
but also have fun on the way!

At eNyota, you get more than just a salary. You get exposure, experience, job satisfaction, confidence, and a challenging environment to work in—all these factors teaming up to give you the feeling of ‘a job well done’ at the end of the day. We are complete professionals and treat everyone with respect. Everyone is encouraged to express themselves through their work and also otherwise.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are a few of our team members who have something to say about us. Have a look at what they think of work culture with us.

  • deepak
    Deputy Project Manager: Courseware Technology
    Deepak Chaudhari

    Deepak Chaudhari Deputy Project Manager: Courseware Technology

    Working at eNyota since October 2009

    I joined eNyota Learning in 2009. I had some great experience with the company during this period. In this period I have got opportunities to learn new things. It is great to work in such a healthy work environment and I believe that this is possible because of the transparency kept by eNyota in their policies and process. The work procedures here are disciplined, easy to know and follow which has made the challenging opportunities much easier to deal with. They are always ready to give their helping hand and support. In this company, you get challenging work which helps you to grow personally as well as in your skill and this is most important for any employee. The team spirit in the co-workers is amazing and I think the management plays a big role in building this relationship among the employees. The colleagues I met here are very fantastic in their field of work and are also helpful. I am happy and satisfied working with such talented bunch of professionals.

  • riyaz-min
    Business Unit Lead: Research and Innovation
    Riyaz Shaikh

    Riyaz Shaikh Business Unit Lead: Research and Innovation

    Working at eNyota since May 2010

    I joined eNyota in 2010.

    It has been a pleasure to be part of a team of creative and supportive people. The environment here is professional and at the same time we are treated as a part of family and not as employee.

    I have professionally grown here at eNyota. The best part of the organization is that your effort is recognized immediately and you are offered help whenever needed. I am proud to be a part of an organization that encourages you to be innovative and provides you with freedom to do things the right way that helps the company as well as you professionally. Working with my team mates is always fun.

    Joining eNyota was one of the best decisions I made in my career and I am enjoying each and every moment here. I have learnt that if you are surrounded by talented and supportive people, success always follows and I am very happy to be a part of an organization that helps me grow and enhance my skills.

    It's truly the best company I've had the opportunity to be a part of, and I look forward to spend many such enjoyable years with this growing organization!

  • yash
    Associate Graphic Design Specialist
    Yashwant Kamble

    Yashwant Kamble Associate Graphic Design Specialist

    Working at eNyota since November 2010

    Awesome experience with eNyota since 2010! A very good work environment. During this period with eNyota, I have got many opportunities to learn. I have a lovely relationship with the management. I am enjoying my job in this company. The company's process is very systematic and well organized and there are no differences between seniors and juniors. In this company, you get challenging work which helps you work on yourself as well as your skill and this is most important for any employee.

  • Courseware Technology Specialist
    Swapnil Kadam

    Swapnil Kadam Courseware Technology Specialist

    Working at eNyota since March 2011

    Working with eNyota for since 2011 is really a wonderful experience for me. I learned a lot and improved myself on professional and personal level. The working environment is very friendly here. The management and colleagues are always ready to help us in difficult situations. I have been taking many challenges in my profession with strong support of management. The organization is also very keen to support the employees on personal level. It also encourages us to take part in the sports and social activities which help to us to rejuvenate which is much needed in today's lifestyle. I am really enjoying my work with eNoyta and looking forward to work with it for many years.

  • Graphic Design Specialist
    Sandesh Suryawanshi

    Sandesh Suryawanshi Graphic Design Specialist

    Working at eNyota since December 2009

    Time goes so fast and it feels good to write about my experience with eNyota. Since 2009, I have been working with eNyota learning and it’s been a good experience for me. I have been able to develop myself personally and professionally. It has given me a good environment and learning opportunities. Every day I learn new things and new design ideas. Here the management is very supportive. I truly appreciate all that I have learned from my seniors and Management and I am very proud to be a part of eNyota Learning.

  • Associate Technology Specialist
    Purva Sawant

    Purva Sawant Associate Technology Specialist

    Working at eNyota since December 2014

    I joined eNyota in the year 2010 and again in 2014, have been a part of its upfront tech team since then.

    Being new to the industry, the learning and growing experience has never stopped here. Journey at eNyota has been rewarding and has provided utmost work satisfaction, new opportunities and challenges. Being a techie, experimenting on new technologies, trying something new or just coding has always been my passion. eNyota has provided me opportunities to explore and grow in that direction. It has never failed in identifying true talent and helping it nurture. With the vision provided by the management, work has always been interesting and never boring.

    Feels proud to be an eNyotian!

  • jeetu
    Project Lead: Software Testing
    Taranjeet Singh

    Taranjeet Singh Project Lead: Software Testing

    Working at eNyota since October 2014

    I joined eNyota in Oct-2014, this is my first job and the past few months have been a great experience for me, I’ve learnt a lot during this short span and still continuing it. There cannot be better start for the professional career than this. I specially thanks to eNyota Management for believing in me and giving me different opportunities. I think this is the right time for me to be with eNyota, I am getting to explore myself now, and I really want to grow old with eNyota! Apart from work, what I get here is feeling of joy, happiness and satisfaction.

    At eNyota we take part in various social activities, sports activities and festive celebrations which I like the most. Through eNyota I've started giving out to society (through CSR activities), still active in sports even after my college (we play football ever week and we have our own team we also play TT very often), get chance to celebrate all the festivals throughout the year (we are true India here - different religions under one roof). I always feel the positivity around me because of all this.

    All the team members are really helpful and what we've been taught here is 'never let down each other' and this thinking brings the feeling of respect and will to work for each other amongst us. This is the success mantra for us and I’m just loving it!

    Way to go with eNyotians! Cheers to the happiness!

  • Business Unit Lead: Courseware
    Dipti Chitroda

    Dipti Chitroda Business Unit Lead: Courseware

    Working with eNyota since September 2013

    I joined eNyota in 2013 and it has been an amazing journey! I was new to the eLearning industry and I’ve learned everything here. I’ve got great opportunities to grow and the management has always shown faith in me to do more and excel. The company believes that you can handle more than what you think you can and which helps get best out of you.

    The most amazing part here is the open culture, it’s very easy to approach and communicate with everyone around. The working environment is fun and amazing. People genuinely help and support each other. Everyday there is something new to learn and explore from the challenges. I’ve got a great team and its fun working with them.

    It feels great to be part of this organization and looking forward to learn and grow with the company. Cheers eNyota!

  • jyoti-r
    Senior Project Lead: Quality Analysis
    Jyoti Rahinj

    Jyoti Rahinj Senior Project Lead: Quality Analysis

    Working at eNyota since October 2013

    Fantastic experience with eNyota since October 2013! Here, I have got many opportunities to learn and from that I learned so many new things and grown personally and professionally.
    The working environment and culture of this organization is very friendly and joyful. I always get the support from my colleagues and manager which helps me to work in a more confident manner with enthusiasm.
    The best part of this organization is that your efforts are always recognized here. I am really enjoying my work with eNyota and looking forward to work with it for many years. 
    Cheers.. eNyota!!!

  • abhinay-min
    Associate Quality Analysis Specialist
    Abhinay Parab

    Abhinay Parab Associate Quality Analysis Specialist

    Working at eNyota since October 2014

    I am working in eNyota since last 2 years. This is my first job and I am very passionate about it as I get to learn many new things, face challenging situations, and explore something new. The working environment is really good. The best part of this company is all the processes and policies are transparent to each and every employee and the management team is very supportive. Working with my team mates is always fun and I always do get to learn from them. My team mates are very supportive and they guide as and when needed. I feel really proud to be a part of eNyota!

  • rohan-min
    Senior Project Lead: Quality Analysis
    Rohan Shinde

    Rohan Shinde Senior Project Lead: Quality Analysis

    Working at eNyota since September 2013

    It’s been 3.5 years that I have working in eNyota and it has been a great experience for me. I have been able to develop myself both ‘personally and professionally’. eNyota is a nice place to work with the colleagues. The seniors are always ready to provide their support. I love working for eNyota. I had started as a Quality Controller and now I have been promoted to Project Manager. I truly appreciate all that I have learnt from my seniors. Apart from work, I love the company environment. I enjoying several other activities like, Football tournament, Tree plantation drive, spreading Christmas cheer at Maria Sharan, etc.

     I am very proud to be a part of eNyota.

  • aditya-min
    Project Lead: Quality Analysis
    Aditya Kaole

    Aditya Kaole Project Lead: Quality Analysis

    Working at eNyota since March 2015

    Congratulations eNyota on completing 10 years of establishment. I like the environment of eNyota the most. If you are in trouble or if you are looking for help, everyone helps you like family. Overall it’s a nice place to work and express yourself at the same time. You are given the freedom to work independently and manage things on your own. Talent is recognized in every individual and ample opportunities are given for both personal and professional growth. I am grateful to be a part of eNyota. J

  • kruthika-min
    Business Unit Lead: Courseware
    Kruthika Bhutada

    Kruthika Bhutada Business Unit Lead: Courseware

    Working at eNyota since August 2016

    It has been just 5 months for me in this organization however I feel like I have been here for a very long time. The company has a great culture and is employee friendly. The company environment encourages employees to do their best and trust them and provide them guidance for success. There is a quote by Stephen R. Covey “Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers”. No wonder to see so many testimonials from the customer on the work done by us. I feel great to be part of such a wonderful organization.

    It is not only the work but also the variety of activities that are done in the organization is simply awesome. May it be football matches, Zumba, CSR activity or any cultural/sports event all these are conducted very nicely and the participation is amazing. All in all I would like to say that it is a great organization with lot of opportunities for growth, focus on people, balanced with a variety of activities. I feel proud to be an eNyotian!

  • lakhan-min
    Project Lead: Courseware Technology
    Lakhan Khandagale

    Lakhan Khandagale Project Lead: Courseware Technology

    Working at eNyota since February 2015

    eNyota took me under its wing in 2015.

    The experience that I had working here at eNyota, since I joined will be with me forever. Joining in as a 'Trainee' and a knowledge seeker, I was blessed enough to work with employees who were technically sound and were always ready to share their knowledge. This organization gave me the platform, where I was able to hone my technical skills. Through eNyota, I was able to explore various technologies, a path which I would have otherwise feared to tread in. The umpteen opportunities that I got here has definitely helped me gain my self-confidence and grow as an individual.

    The management is always reachable and has always-ready-to-help kind of an attitude. The cultural events are very well organized and each individual is encouraged to be a participant. I can safely say that this is probably one of those organizations that puts the welfare of its employees ahead of itself.

    I look forward to workings with eNyota for eons to come.

    A friendly atmosphere is what I sought, a friendly atmosphere is what I got... 🙂

  • Instructional Designer
    Priyanka Seth

    Priyanka Seth Instructional Designer

    Six months and loving it!

    It has been a little over six months since I joined eNyota and the biggest thing I have learned here is not to shy away from trying new things. I joined the company as a Content Editor and was pretty sure (stubborn, in fact) that this is all I want to do here. I truly believed that I hate Instructional Designing as creative visualization was not my cup of tea and I didn’t enjoy it. But, Keya convinced me otherwise, and all with just a statement. She said that no one can enjoy something that they don’t know how to do. Now, how true is that! She saw an ID in me and decided not to give up, even though I was resisting the growth myself. Thanks to her and the confidence shown by my entire team, today I can happily say, ‘I completely love my work and thoroughly enjoy every bit of it’!

    Like any other corporate, eNyota also aims to grow big! But what makes this company extra special is that it intends to grow with its team. Extra efforts are spent to ensure the personal and professional growth of each and every employee. There is no limit to growth when you are working here. With lateral movement and parallel skill development, you won’t just be working in your comfort zone, but pushing the walls to expand your potential! Thanks, eNyota for making us the part of this growth pattern and giving us the sense of belonging that we just don’t work for this company, but work for our organization’s growth!