eLearning Translation and Localization for Multi-Language Courses

Expanding the geographical reach of training and development initiatives by establishing local connect with learners from across the globe is a step further in the direction of inclusive training and development. Language should not be a barrier to receiving knowledge, and we believe in this. eNyota Learning offers high quality eLearning translation and localization services so you can build multi-language courses with zero errors! We have been assisting organizations build global training in multiple languages since 2007.

eLearning Content Translation and Localization

Taking one’s business global has its own set of challenges. Businesses are expanding and setting new offices across the globe. Global offices inevitably result in hiring people from diverse cultures. Wherever these offices may be, training and developing the workforce at these global offices is paramount. Translating or localizing your training to suit the language and cultural needs is one way to ensure that everybody receives the same message.

This is where content in multiple languages plays a role. Languages that suit your global audiences’ needs which include your employees and customers.

Currently, automated translation services and software are unable to accurately translate content, losing the meaning entirely in many cases. AI technology for translation or Machine Translation (MT) will take time to mature and understand the nuances of locally spoken languages.

Translation and Localization
Translation and Localization

How to Choose the Right eLearning Translation and Localization Services?

Content will prove its effectiveness only when it leverages the full power of the language of its recipient – that’s the language of your employees, learners, and customers. Localized content by a professional will result in a better experience for customers and learners, giving you an edge in growing your business. Localized content will resonate better with your audience, boost the confidence of employees, and ensure easier access to customers.

Here are three reasons why translation and localization services are important.

Translating content and capturing the true intentions of training is difficult when attempted between two highly diverse languages. Only a professional can truly understand the grammatical requirements and the use of correct words to capture the original intent when translating text.
eLearning translators are experts in both the target language and the eLearning industry itself. We provide eLearning translation and localization services and possess more than 15 years of experience in the field of custom eLearning development.
To keep in mind costs of time and resources, we use innovative and modern computer aided translating tools to assist with large projects. No matter how complex your content is, we have a solution for your translation and localization needs.

Why Choose Our Elearning Translation and Localization Services?

We believe that language should not be a barrier in a unified world. Our expertise lies in upgrading, enhancing, and localizing courses for employees and your customers in over 50 languages.

We work with translation and audio service specialists to create engaging multi-lingual courses in almost all Western languages (like European French, Canadian French, Dutch, German, European Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, European Spanish, and South American Spanish), languages that use non-western scripts (like Chinese, Japanese, and Thai), and languages that use bi-directional scripts (like Arabic and Urdu).

Translation and Localization

Whether you come to us with an idea or have a course that needs localizing, we can be the pillar you hold on to for your training needs. Here are our services:

  • Designing and developing courses, end-to-end (in a tool of choice), keeping in mind the needs of multi-lingual courses
  • Prepping for translation and audio recording
  • Engaging with translation and audio service specialists located across the globe
  • Conducting third-party linguistic testing of translations (in cases where a client does not have an in-house specialist to validate)
  • Localizing English courses into other languages using translations and audio provided to us (either by the translation specialists or our customers, in case they wish to use their in-house talent for this)
  • Localizing courses in other languages into English

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