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Animated explainer videos are short, illustrated, video-based media objects that eLearning professionals actively use to simplify complex topics.

Why are Animated Explainer Videos so Popular?

Animated explainer videos require hours of concept planning, illustrating, animation, and audio synching which results in short 2-minute videos that effectively explain complex concepts. Well-designed characters, clear plots, smart imagery, and illustrated scenes are used to convey a message and this gives animated explainer videos an edge over normal videos.

Animated Explainer Videos Solution

How Effective are Animated Explainer Videos?

To start off, animated explainer videos are not just limited to eLearning or training and development. Marketing professionals often use animated explainer video services to build marketing collaterals such as how-to videos, product or service explainers, and company updates. Statistics indicates that 59% of senior executives prefer animated explainer videos when looking at a potential vendor’s products or services and 69% of consumers are ok with sharing branded animated explainer videos if it’s not poorly made, generic, or spreading misinformation. Animated explainer videos are equally effective in the world of training and development. 70% of learners prefer training when it’s supported by animated explainer videos, and most will finish a 2-to-3-minute animated explainer training video if it’s well made.

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What Does it Take to Make an Animated Explainer Video?

Animated explainer videos are not easy to make. Plenty of research and behind-the-scenes work is involved, as this video may potentially represent a company’s product or services and will be viewed by their audience – be it employees, partners, or buyers.

The ideal length for an effective animated explainer video is 2 to 3-minutes and this holds true for many reasons. A marketing video longer than 3 minutes risks losing its viewers before the video reaches its call-to-action or CTA segment. A training video longer than 3 minutes risks losing the attention of learners as research indicates that humans exert 100% of their attention-span for 8 seconds before it starts diminishing.

A key component of a good explainer video is its ability to entertain and engage. The animated and illustrated nature of the video presents developers with the ability to make videos extremely entertaining and viewers expect this. Research also indicates that an informative video with an entertaining storyline is 80% more likely to be retained by a viewer.

Animated explainer videos widely use visual references to accentuate the storyline. These visual references may have nothing to do with the subject being discussed, but rather, they act as metaphors to explain the topic. For example, a finance video talking about ‘saving money’ can be complemented by the imagery of coins falling into a ‘piggy bank.’

Like any video, scripts are essential to the animated video development process. A strong script with clear progression and storyline allows developers to build videos with little hindrance. Investing time to frame a good script and storyboard can save additional time to build and perfect an animated explainer.

Voiceovers are a good addition to any video. However, it does not come cheap. Choosing the right type of voiceover is important too. The accent of the speaker should be relatable and the tone and pace should be relevant to the audience. Perfectly synched audio is critical to the success of the explainer video.

animated explainer videos
animated explainer videos

When to Choose Animated Explainer Video Solutions?

The cost to develop an animated explainer video ranges from $1,000 to $12,000 depending on the complexity, quality, and length of the video. It’s important to know why an animated explainer video is needed and what goals and ROI metrics it must achieve.

Whether they are marketing videos to explain the advantages and use-case of products and services, or training videos to elaborate on how to operate a product or machinery or access a service – animated explainer videos work very well to train your audience on the usage of products and services.


    Animated explainer videos work well to simplify complex topics and so they are widely used as training collateral. Explainer videos also work well as introductory videos to training and concepts and a well-design introductory video to a training module can elevate learner interests and engage them before the training begins.


    Company updates, global affairs, and general news can be delivered in an animated explainer video format and YouTube hosts plenty of such videos that range from general entertainment, to reviews, and history lessons.


    An increasing number of modern websites use animated explainer videos as banners on their homepages. It’s a way to welcome new visitors in anticipation of what they may expect to find on the website.


    If a product or a service usage needs explaining, there’s nothing better than animating the usage instructions and packaging it in the form of a video and make it simpler for viewers to get started with your product or service.


    Complex topics aren’t complex anymore when explained using a healthy mix of images, animations, and audio. Animated explainer videos simplify all complex topics and make them highly engaging.


    Educational marketing is the new wave of marketing sweeping across industries. Customers are 90% more likely to purchase your product if you take the time to educate them about its usage and benefits.


    All that text and very little images only loads your learners with information that cannot be processed. Lighten their learning curve by making it engaging, use animated videos to make the training more engaging.

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