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An animated explainer video course can boost your training engagement rates by up to 70%. It’s a great way to incorporate the right blend of animated visuals and training content into one complete package.


  • Are you having trouble getting your employees to take the necessary compliance courses?
  • Would you like to get your potential clients interested in your product and services before an actual product demo/presentation?

Disengaged learners are a result of plain or uninspiring training. These learners often loose interest in training and fail to see the benefits of self-development and progress. Motivating learners to enroll and complete a training program is at the forefront of every L&D professionals’ efforts. And when plain or uninspiring training disengages learners, the efforts of an L&D professionals may yield very few results.

Additionally, information overload also causes learners to loose interest in training and development. Increasingly, when the training is not designed and packaged well for learners to partake in.

This is where video-based learning comes in. Investing in animated explainer video solutions is the best solution to engage learners and motivate them to complete training programs. These courses are also perfect to package information heavy training content and deliver them in a logical and easy to consume format.

Not only do animated explainer videos add meaning to your eLearning, but they can also be used to replace lengthy emails that are sent to prospects and also as marketing videos for products and services.



Animated explainer videos are short, to the point videos, created to target specific needs. Training people and promoting products and services are just a small portion of the many use cases it actually presents. These videos can be used to update stakeholders on the latest news or even enable HR teams to efficiently conduct their training and development programs—an important activity to keep up with today’s changing corporate landscape.

A quick explainer video can also make a case for change within the organization, even before training is rolled out. Moreover, a good explainer video is engaging and demands the attention of viewers once they tune in to it. Here are a few more reasons to get started with animated explainer videos today:

Assists in Increasing Conversion Rates
Explainer videos increase conversion rates of product sales and eLearning engagement rates among learners. The combination of engaging audio and video are proved to be a great tool to assist with effective communications and messaging.

Creates Interest
Animated explainer videos are engaging. The combination of video and audio are proved to be effective at transferring knowledge from source to bearer in a clear and concise manner leaving little room for learner doubts and misunderstanding.

Increases Retention
Good animated explainer videos successfully make a lasting impression in the minds of learners owing to the usage of engaging visuals and audio which results in increased knowledge retention. Watching a video helps with greater retention as compared to just reading.

Do More with Less
A five-minute explainer video can deliver a greater and deeper message to learners when compared to five-pages of information-heavy content with text used to describe every action. A well-packaged explainer video will save the time of your learners and increase the efficacy of your training.



We understand the importance of connecting with your customers and engaging learners. This inspires us to design only the best explainer video services, keeping aesthetics and functionality in mind. Our videos also attempt to capture our clients’ vision and values. The explainer video services we provide are perfect for promotion, training, and general education.

We can help cut your training costs. We can help your employees retain more of the training. And, increase customer engagement by creating a unique video to cater to your specific need.

Our video solutions, classified based on your needs include:

  • Sales Videos
    Use animated explainer videos as a form of a sales outreach program to engage prospects and stand out from the rest of the competition.
  • Corporate Videos
    Communicating with your employees is important. Grab their attention with explainer videos.
  • How-to Videos
    How-to videos are perfect to train employees on a range of things. Like explaining a software or a service in 2 to 5 minutes.
  • Storytelling Videos
    Animated explainer videos are perfect to convey messages in a story-based format. It is simpler than overloading your audience with too much text.

Connect with us to view examples of our animated explainer video solutions.