Abara LMS for Non-Profits

LMS for nonprofits are software to help you create, schedule, and manage online training content for donors, community members, staff, and volunteers on any device. The tool automates the training process, which allows employees to learn at their own time, at any location, and on any device.

Abara LMS is a great LMS for non-profits to train their internal and external audiences.

Non-profits need a simple, cost effective, easy to manage LMS which is simple to administrate for their teams. With its easy to navigate User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) and multi-language capabilities, Abara allows non-profits to train their users around the world.

Why Do Non-Profits Need an LMS?

Non-profits train their employees and volunteers on the mission and vision of the organization and roles which each employee fulfills while also upskilling them.
Non-profits at times undertake missions to help people in need. It often includes training children, young adults, people who are struggling on the economic front, or have specific challenges. Training such target audience can be done using an LMS using digital content.
Quite often non-profits must demonstrate the outcomes of their spending to stakeholder, donors, and sponsors. An LMS allows them to demonstrate the outcomes to their stakeholders including completion rates, improvement in usage, demographic data and make a case for their training initiates. Having an LMS with detailed reporting and analytics allows a non-profit to demonstrate this data as compared to in-person training and paper-based assessments/surveys.
LMS for Non-Profits
LMS for Non-Profits

How Does Abara LMS Support Non-Profits

  • Employee, volunteer, or partner onboarding
  • Global delivery and tracking of learning activities
  • Cost effective LMS that is scalable
  • Training delivery using modern digital learning and blended learning models versus traditional in-person training
  • Overcome restrictions due to COVID-19 and social distancing norms
  • Detailed reports and data provision to stakeholders to be able to demonstrate outcomes

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