Custom Learning Management System

A learning management system is imperative in deploying training programs designed and built for the 21st-century workspace. As traditional learning takes a back seat, there is an emerging need to adapt to newer eLearning technologies.

Commercial off-the-shelf software or products may satisfy your needs, but can they accommodate your specific preferences and expectations? Sure, a custom software is developed in an iterative process and most often takes longer to complete. However, it considers all the risks and nuances of your organization, making it more cultured and efficient over time compared to a commercial solution.

Off-the-Shelf or a Custom LMS?

The marketplace for LMSes is busier than ever. As an off the shelf product, an LMS will usually come with a plethora of features, some of which you may not use. If you feel the same way, then a custom LMS could be the answer you are looking for. Much like a standard LMS, it gives you the flexibility to create and manage your training and eLearning course material, but with only the features you need.

In today’s competitive world, it is important you offer the best training solutions to your employees so that they in turn can contribute to the growth of your organization. Custom LMSes versus off-the-shelf solutions have a greater impact for the following reasons:

Custom Learning Management System
  • A custom LMS is made to suit the specific training needs, business challenges, and processes of your organization. Customizing off-the-shelf products are often expensive and sometimes impossible to do.
  • If you have a specific business case (like you need ownership of the IP – which most off-the-shelf products will not allow you to own), then a custom LMS will allow you to own and maintain the IP yourselves.
  • It is scalable. Start with the features you need and then add on as you evolve as a company.
  • A custom LMS is a lot more secure than conventional products available in the market. With common products being easily accessible, hackers can familiarize themselves with the product, thus compromising on the safety of your data.
  • Integration with existing systems within your organization is easier when you build a custom LMS. You know what you have so you can build what you need.
  • Custom learning management systems can be created to host only the basic tracking features you might need. Not all the features of a full-blown LMS might work for you. Create a training system that is basic but fulfills the need your organization has.
  • Support from a dedicated product development team is more reliable and efficient. Off-the-shelf products could go out business and you’ll be stuck with a system you can’t make the most use of.
Custom Learning Management System

eNyota can build a Custom LMS for you

Every company is different and has its own training needs. We can create a custom LMS that can meet your training needs in the most cost-effective way, without having to incur cost of a whole suite of features accompanied with a standard LMS.

Some of the ways you could achieve this using a custom LMS are by using a combination of features such as:

You can have your organization’s structure replicated on the LMS. This will allow you to create user groups and add users like administrators, managers, instructors, learners, etc. to manage responsibility sharing and delegation.
You could choose to use only eLearning, or you could opt for classroom training and webinar features too. Course Management means you could add SCORM packages, add assessments, surveys or even create courses within the system.
A learning management system can generate a lot of data based on users, groups, teams, courses, etc. Why not make use of the reports, benefit from the analytics data to improve the quality training? You could check learner engagement and allocate courses accordingly.
Creating automated course assignment rules, enable features like self-enrolment for the learners and certification management are a few of the things you could do.
A mobile app can allow your learners to take rich training on the go—whether they are connected to the internet or not.
Integration with your website, the communication tools you use, or giving your users ease of access with SSO—you can take the customization to the next level.

Advantages of a Custom LMS

A custom LMS offers organizations the ability to develop a learning management system with all the features central to their training needs. Each segment of the LMS’s functionality can be mapped to the various departments, job roles, or training needs within the organization.
Custom LMSes allow organizations to build dashboards that are perfectly tuned to their training reporting needs. Custom dashboards help with both a bird’s eye view for quick reporting and access to only the most needed information for the LMS administrators.
Usually vendors present organizations with a list of integration to choose from. However, custom LMSes present organizations with the opportunity to select a specific set of integrations that are important to the organization’s training needs. In most cases these integrations are enterprise software current used by the organization.

The ability to automate a learning path is important for LMS administrators. However, those looking for learning paths with specific automation abilities will have to consider a custom LMS with custom learning path features and automations abilities. This can work to be a great option as it does not load the LMS with needless features that slow its performance.

Custom Learning Management System

We believe in giving a unique learning experience and making a meaningful contribution to organizational growth. Regardless of the industry or company size, we can help you build the right LMS that will bring the impact you need. Schedule a call with one of our experts to find out how a custom LMS can benefit you.

How you fit the pieces together to build your training platform is totally up to you. Start by scheduling a call with one of our experts!