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Here is a detailed article on the importance of animated explainers videos, why you should use them, how to maximize their benefits, and more!

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What are Animated Explainer Videos?

Animated explainer videos are a form of eLearning. Moreover, this form of eLearning makes extensive use of animations of text and objects, avatars, alongside other illustrations and voice-over.

Animated explainer videos excel at conveying complex ideas in a shorter duration and engage learners with their beautiful build and designs.

The complexity and level of detail of such videos depends on the budgets, time, and resources that clients are ready to invest in the development process. Moreover, the type of development tool determines your animated explainer video output.

How Detailed and Complex can These Videos Get?

In terms of the level of complexity, the produced video can be as simple as recreating a product or service video. Using a combination of simple animations and images, video designers easily build such courses. Such animated videos are very useful for client training and employee training, outlining the correct or recommended usage of services and products.

These videos can reach levels of extreme complexity too. As a result, designers use motion graphics and the expertise of 3D animators to create stunning pieces of content. This content engages and captivates learners unlike any other.

There are a variety of development tools as well that allow you to go from simple (with inbuilt characters, objects, etc. for example tools like Vyond, Plotagon, and Toonly) to more complex and custom (Like Adobe After Effects where every element is custom-designed and built and requires a lot more development expertise).

Do You Really Need Animated Explainer Videos?

This is a very subjective question. Some organizations have straightforward and simple training needs. Such organizations may not necessarily benefit or even require complex animated explainer videos.

Simple slide-based eLearning courses with abundant use of instructional design elements such as apt images and relevant icons can do the job. Integrating a quick recording of the trainer in action completes the development process.

Many organizations have some really complex training needs. For such organizations, simple slide-based eLearning courses may not cut it. For example: product development companies prefer animated explainer videos to train on safety. Not only does it simplify complex topics, but also recreates scenarios for learners.

Some organizations also use explainer videos as an internal marketing strategy to improve the image of the organization in the eyes of learners. Learners generally corelate animated video content with high quality or expensive training content. And organizations believe that such content only helps spread internal brand awareness and image creation in the minds of learners.

Some Common Types of Animated Explainer Videos

Simple and complex videos are common types of animated explainer videos. However, it can further be classified and broken into sub-categories and classifications.

Some of them are:

2D Animation Videos

These animated videos make use of 2D characters, photographs, icons, infographics, etc. which gives the video a unique appearance. Such videos are simple and cost-effective to build. Moreover, they take less time to put together and offer great utility to organizations with the need of explainer videos.

In the case of eLearning and training development, this option makes greater sense considering effective, budgets, and timelines.

3D Animation Videos

This is a complicated domain. 3D animation requires the usage of specialized explainer video software and expert 3D animators. Such videos are very different compared to 2D videos.

They offer a learning experience that is completely different compared to regular 2D animated videos. However, as expected, the costs, efforts, and time that goes into the development of such courses is equally greater.

Whiteboard Explainer Video

Whiteboard explainer videos, like the name suggests, are explainer videos that are presented over an animated whiteboard. A combination of text, images, and voice-overs appear in sequenced order, mimicking a trainer’s writing and explanation on an actual whiteboard as learners would expect.

Many YouTubers and Udemy trainers use animated whiteboard explainers to sequence steps in an orderly manner.

In the world of animated explainer video development, the combinations and possibilities of developing the next best type of video are endless. Hence, it really comes down to the development agency’s experience in using specialized explainer video software. Also, the client’s budgets and timelines determine the type of explainer videos that can be built.

How Can We Help as an Animated Explainer Video Production Company?

We have over 13 years’ experience in custom animated explainer video development. Moreover, we understand the importance of connecting with our clients at an individual level. Which is something that all animated explainer videos try to do as well!

We try our best to capture your values and messages in the animated explainer videos that we build. Such a process allows your animated videos to reach their complete potential, whether it be for internal training processes or for product promotions.

Finally, our expertise in using all eLearning tools to give you the best outputs means that we help cut your training costs. Moreover, our delivery timelines are set-in-stone.

Here is a simplified offerings list

  • Sales Videos: Promote a product, service, or solution to a target or open set of audiences.
  • Corporate Videos: Communicate your corporate messages to employees in a short and crisp manner.
  • How-to Videos: Explain a software, service, or product usage video in 2 to 5 minutes.
  • Storytelling Videos: Communicate your ideas via an animated story, narrating a journey and explaining a use-case to your target .

If you’re looking for reliable and trustworthy animated explainer video services, reach out to us at contactus@enyotalearning,com or contact us to fill this quick call-back form. Moreover, we are always up for a discussion!

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