Advantages of mobile learning for sales teams

5 Advantages of Mobile Learning for Sales Teams

Sales teams are the backbones of all organizations.  While effective marketing and branding activities are about creating awareness,

Sales teams are the backbones of all organizations.  While effective marketing and branding activities are about creating awareness, it’s the sales team that influences a customer’s final decision. Since the sales team is directly responsible for generating the revenue needed to sustain a business, the training they receive is critical and should deliver an impact.

For a few years now, organizations have adopted mobile learning as an approach to training their sales teams. This trend started with companies realizing the need to cater to the changing learning requirements of an ever-growing mobile workforce. They had to provide constant performance support without any geographical restrictions. Mobile learning worked as it provided accurate and quick updates to the sales team, giving them the important insights that were leveraged instantaneously at the time of need.

Apart from being a convenient approach for an on-the-go workforce, mobile learning is also highly effective. A survey stated that 99% of mobile learners believe that the mobile format and its presentation enhanced their learning experience, and 100% said they’d complete more training modules if presented in a mobile format.

If you’re still considering adopting a mobile training approach—

Here are five advantages of mobile learning for your sales teams:

  1. Quickly Provide Product/Services Updates

It is necessary for the sales team of any organization to be well-versed with the products/services they offer. However, the launch of new products and services often require face-to-face training. Although necessary, this sort of training is inconvenient as sales teams are perpetually on-the-field. In such cases, mobile learning is an ideal solution as it is accessible from anywhere when needed. Organizations can provide relevant information through well-designed content or short videos aimed at effectively transferring the knowledge on features and benefits to salespeople on the field. Mobile learning allows sales teams to access relevant information on their mobile devices before and during a meeting with a potential customer.

  1. Drive Independence

Companies can effectively enable their sales team through mobile learning. By creating 2-3 minute snippets of learning and by providing them with a backup of the content, organizations can make their sales team more independent and more effective. Companies can also build a consistent sales approach by moving sales training online and having the entire sales team complete the same learning activities. This, in turn, translates to a higher quality customer experience. This approach also ensures that your sales team is always aligned with the company’s vision, thereby conveying a consistent message and building an excellent reputation for your brand.

  1. Save Time by Providing Training On-the-Job

Sales teams directly drive revenues. Which means the phrase ‘time is money’ holds especially true in their case. For this reason, sales-training should be precise in order to make optimal use of their precious time. With a mobile learning approach, you can tailor content and information for salespeople so that they can train at their own pace when they have the time. Mobile learning provides the advantage of adding training into an employee’s work schedule as an ongoing activity. Mobile learning is a great way to give sales teams those short bursts of information that effectively allow them to learn and master new skills without adding to their schedules.

  1. Act as a Constant Reminder

Gallup reported that 71% of millennials connected more with mobile learning than learning activities delivered through a desktop or formal methods like classroom training. When sales training happens in the classroom, it is more likely to be forgotten by the participants. However, when provided over the mobile—regularly and in short bursts—it works as a constant reminder. Mobile learning in the form of concise micro-learning modules and delivered as per a scheduled plan, allows companies to provide constant reminders of compelling sales messages. This approach also helps in motivating sales teams and enhance their productivity through information such as sales updates and competitive knowledge.

  1. Improve Collaboration

An effective mobile learning solution should take advantage of social and community features to encourage discussion and information sharing between the sales team. These features allow your sales team to access learning activities on devices with social networking tools and to collaborate for greater effectiveness. By generating and encouraging online discussions, companies can significantly enhance the training experience, provide more motivation, and build healthy competition within the sales team.

Ambient Insights said that the mobile learning industry was estimated to be worth over $ 12 billion even as far back as 2017. Clearly, companies across the globe are being driven to adopt mobile learning.

If you’re still unsure about how mobile learning will help your sales team, here’s a quote from John Golden, the chief strategy officer at Pipeliner, “There in front of you whenever you engage with the customer, face to face—you’ve got your mobile device, your mobile app there. It’s going to make you a far more successful salesperson because you’re going to come across as somebody that is on top of your game and has really put the work in.” That’s sound advice and worth taking if you want to help your sales team succeed.

We are always ready to discuss the future of mobile learning with regards to sales training and more. Get in touch with us at or click here and we’ll reach out to you shortly. Meanwhile, keep training your sales teams and give them the tools needed to succeed, they certainly will appreciate it!

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