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Here are some of the advantages of mobile learning according to almost all sources online:

  • Quick consumption

  • Information when most needed

  • Easy for traveling salespeople

  • Uninterrupted schedules

… and so on. But when you really think of it, time changes circumstances. And with a change in circumstances, what was once considered possible, may not be possible anymore.

That is not to say that what these articles are talking about online is not true anymore. However, with progressing times, one needs to assess what has changed for the better or the worst. And then make a case for it.

In our case, we are looking into the advantages of mobile learning for sales teams in 2021. And be sure that it is not the same old regurgitated content. We take pride in delivering only the latest and the best news on eLearning.

Here are 5 advantages of mobile learning for sales teams in 2021

Mobile Phones are Growing Increasingly Powerful

Well, it shouldn’t come as a surprise, but mobile phones are growing increasingly powerful, almost comparable to modern PCs. Anything that is possible on the PC is almost similarly possible on mobile phones. And that extends to complex training formats as well.

Let’s quickly look at the factors that make mobile phones very compatible for sales training:

Screen Size

Mobile phones are increasingly growing bigger. However, let us talk about screen sizes. Both in terms of screen size and battery life. eLearning and training on mobile phones were limited at one point owing to the small screen sizes of devices. Viewing training content on it may have been difficult and unyielding. But with our modern smartphones and their large screen sizes, that old challenge is not as prevalent as it once was.

You can go ahead and create a training course with almost all elements and complexities as you would for a PC screen. And with a little optimization be able to fit it perfectly on a mobile screen. Yes, we are not 100% there yet, however, we are close to the best possible outcome on small devices.


Not only are the screen sizes increasing, but new features and abilities are being added to devices as well. The storage, RAM, and processors are increasingly growing in power. This means your courses do not have to significantly compromise on any aspect in order to fit and work on a mobile device. A modern smart phone with decent specs can easily run a complex course with lightning speed and zero troubles. However, it may still be reliant on bandwidth for optimum performance.

Mobile Data

Finally, the cost of data is significantly reducing. This makes transfer of information between people, systems, and their devices very affordable. You can choose to rollout training anytime, anywhere, and not expect diminishing data reserves or high costs of user data to affect the downloading and accessing of training by users who in this case are your sales professionals.

Training Delivery is Opportunistic

Ok, the last point may have been an argument in favour of mobile learning in general. However, this point here is all about the benefits of mobile learning for salespeople.

With very little time on hand, continuous traveling, and meeting people on a daily basis to meet targets, training and development may appear as secondary or even unrequired for some sales professionals. This is not because they do not want to learn and develop. Rather, this is because switching on a PC and logging into an LMS before accessing training seems like a tedious affair for salespeople with very little time on hands.

This is where many L&D professionals devised a solution based on a saying that “training and development for salespeople works by allowing them to access training at the drop of coin. One moment they are free and have the time to learn something new, the next free moment is undetermined.”

This basically means that knowing when a salesperson will get the time to train is difficult. However, giving your salespeople the opportunity to train whenever possible is what makes training successful for them.

This could mean delivering training when:

  • Traveling by public transport or any other means where your salesperson can access their smartphones.

  • Waiting to meet a prospect, a salesperson can quickly brush up on the USPs of their product or service which they plan on presenting.

  • A salesperson gets time in between meetings, where pulling out the laptop and connecting to the internet is cumbersome as compared to whipping out their phone and getting started.

Mobiles Can Be Used as Part of the Pitch Itself

A well-designed eLearning course outlining the USP of a product is just as good to train customers as it is to train your salespeople. In fact, a resourceful salesperson would use the training on their smartphone as a part of their pitch and take some stress off themselves. while also building their brand image in the minds of the prospect who is viewing this training.

Additionally, depending on your organization’s privacy policy and the type of course, you can also allow your salespeople to share this training with the prospect. Something like a video proposal or along similar lines.

We need to stop thinking of training content as a means to achieve a set of fixed outcomes always. Rather, we must think about the different ways in which the use of training content can be maximized.

In the context of salespeople, the training built around products and services is just as good for them as it is for the customers.

Mobile Phones are a Part of Everyday Lives

Mobile phones are a part of our everyday lives. Hence, it is easier to reach out to people on a device that is with them at all times. Once again, this point may seem like a general fact that is applicable to everybody. And it is true, but yet many of us rarely consider it.

Mobile phones are important tools in the bag of tools possessed by salespeople, mainly because of the sheer uses this device has in the hands of salespeople. For example, the number of phone calls, emails, messages, and prospecting work they do via their smartphone devices. This makes a good case for the fact that most salespeople are very reliant on their mobile devices and that salespeople are a group of professionals who spend a lot of time on their phone. Needless to say, when you want to catch the attention of someone, you’d want to reach out to them where they are most available, and that stands with salespeople as well.

Notifications Are Good Motivators

Here’s where we discuss the special ability of a mobile phone and how it can help with training your salespeople. It has to do with the ability to send push notifications directly to your salespeople or learners.

Take a moment to think of the number of times that an application sent you a notification that made you take some sort of an action on the spot. Could you think of any?

If you are a tech savvy person with a couple of interesting applications on your phone, it is possible that interesting push notifications regularly make you take an action of some kind. This is exactly what we are talking about. A gentle urge or an occasional reminder in the form of push notifications sent directly to your salesperson’s phone can act as a catalyst to boost mobile-based training.

Think of it as a form of internal marketing which is something that more organizations need to consider. If you are taking the time to design, plan, and launch a training program, also do take the time to promote your training.

In this case, if you have the ability to send training related push notifications to your learners, more specifically your salespeople, then why not?

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