Designing Mobile Learning

Designing mobile learning is not comparable to designing regular eLearning-based training for larger screens.

Mobile devices present their own limitations and advantages, and mobile-based eLearning is best served when instructional designers use the advantages of mobile devices to benefit their design process.

Mobile learning is best designed by experienced eLearning developers who understand the nuances of designing training for mobile learners accessing training on a small display screen.

Bandwidth and processing power also play a big role in determining the type of training to build and deploy.

Mobile Learning
Mobile Learning

Is Mobile Learning Worth It?

Definitely yes! Mobile learning is one of the most modern methods of deploying training to the masses, especially since everybody owns a mobile device. However, it’s important to note that not everybody requires mobile learning.

Mobile learning is best suited to train professionals with limited access to PCs and desktops during their working hours like sales teams and field operators.

Mobile learning delivers training directly to their devices making training easily accessible for such individuals and teams.

Can Anyone Build Mobile Learning?

Yes, anybody with instructional design experience can build mobile learning, however, designing mobile learning is the real challenge. The design of a mobile learning course is what makes a mobile training initiative successful or fall apart since there are many aspects to consider when building training to simplify learning on mall devices.

It’s best to approach a professional development agency such as ours since we’ve been in the business of building training for all sizes since 2007!

Mobile Learning

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Mobile Learning