Modern sales teams are constantly reeling under pressure. Frequently changing markets and consumer demand makes selling one of the most information reliant job roles out there, and without the backup of high-quality, up-to-date content, your sales teams may be finding it difficult to operate.

So how do you assist your sales teams to perform better?

Start by identifying the challenges your sales professional are facing. And then work to address them. This is why knowing the best way to address modern challenges using eLearning and training for sales teams is important.

eLearning for Training Sales Teams

Most Meetings are Now Virtual – Digital Meetings are the Only Option for Sales Teams

It is not wrong to say that most face-to-face interactions are on a decline. And that means in-person sales meetings as well.

The good news however is that a sales professional has many other options to virtually reach their prospects. From conferencing tools to professional social media platforms, the choices are many, and it comes down to personal preferences. However, what constitutes the challenge here is knowing how to effectively use these tools.

Not all traditional sales professionals are tech savvy. There seemed to be a point in time where simple phone conversations and face-to-face meetings did the trick for most. And that meant that sales pros never spent time understanding technology. But technology is the only option in today’s time and it is very important for technology-enabling training to be given to modern sales pros. It is the only way to maximize the virtual sales functions.

Measuring Productivity – It’s Not Just About Sales Targets

Tracking a sales team’s productivity was already a challenge. Leaders never had a truly concrete method of tracking productivity other than measuring sales figures. However, markets are slower, prospects are spread out, and virtual selling has opened up new global avenues. This means tracking measurement is now beyond simply calculating the revenue generated. It’s also about the direct efforts put into the sales outreach by sales pros.

The best way to overcome this challenge is via a productivity tracking app. You can track a remote worker’s productivity just as you would with the rest of your team, since such apps have established metrics and goals. They highlight exactly the impact each mobile sales employee has delivered and the contribution they have made.

The data generated from these apps can then be used to create appropriate training to assist your sales pros. The best way to train your sales pros is by generating actionable data and then using it to find areas of improvement.

Leadership Training – A Good Leader Will Guide Teams Through Tough Times

With remote sales teams now operating from around the globe, the onus of ensuring that everybody is onboard now lies with the team leaders and managers. And managing a virtual team is a different challenge. Being an effective leader, mentor, and consultant is important now more than ever.

While some members are working fine under pressure, others may not be. At this point, effective leadership training on ways to motivate, mentor, and guide your sales teams plays an important role.

Chances are that your leaders are under pressure as well. By outlining their KPIs and providing them with some much-needed assurance and training, you are showing them that the organization cares about them, and that they are not alone. There’s no doubt here that digital training will help your leaders access training in a more straightforward manner.

Moreover, all of such training can be made available for your leaders to access throughout their tenure with the organization.

The training itself when planned right will assist your employees in becoming efficient leaders during such tough times.

Managing Change

Well, the whole world has been thrown into a tizz. Every normal aspect of living and existing has changed. In a world where change is the new normal, sales pros must comply and work towards addressing these changes as well.

The change in policies, offerings, and products all need to be effectively communicated to your prospective customers. And that means your sales pros need to be updated as well. Sales team have to be equipped to accept change to survive, and if the company is unable to communicate the latest information as soon as possible, sales teams will be found wanting where it matters – on the field. Providing training through mLearning courses can help mobile sales teams stay updated in real-time.

Choosing the Right Training Mode

Traditional classroom-based training is out of the question here. Remote sales teams obviously need some form of digital training. In our 15+ years of building eLearning for over 200 clients, we have identified a few modes of eLearning that work for sales pros. Mobile training is built for just this purpose. Another great option is VILT supported by assessments and even role-play training.

All this obviously has to be hosted over a learning management system that is capable and built for sales training.

One design element to keep in mind is that micro-learning will work wonders here. Since it is a self-paced effort, breaking the modules into small 8-10 minutes segments gives your learners the ability to access and re-access parts of training that are of interest to them at will. Explainer videos are another great option to training sales professionals on handling various situations which otherwise would have been conducted in a classroom. Give your learners the safe environment they need to make mistakes, learn, and make changes to how they handle your customers.

Let Us Design eLearning and Training for Sales Teams

We have the experience and the expertise to build just the right custom sales eLearning courses and training assets for your sales teams wherever they are. No matter what your budget, we can offer a solution that brings the impact you need. You may have some questions about how we do this and where can you get started. Well, that is simple. Just click this link or email us at and one of our experts will reach out to you.

eLearning For Training Sales Team

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