Understanding the Price of eLearning

eLearning is a combination of multiple types of online training all placed under one umbrella. To understand the pricing of eLearning and its varying combinations, one must first understand the types of eLearning and what sets them apart from the rest.

Each type of eLearning requires varying levels of effort on the part of the eLearning vendor to develop and deploy. Additionally, each type of eLearning uses multiple degrees of technologies to develop and build which further influences their prices.

The time + effort required to build eLearning and the cost of technologies needed to support the final product together determine the cost of eLearning.

eLearning Pricing
eLearning Pricing

Are the Costs of eLearning Negotiable

Yes and No. Yes, because you can negotiate the price to build eLearning, however, you may have to compromise on the quality, run duration, and overall functionality of the training.

On the other hand, you cannot expect the eLearning vendor to use specific technologies or put in extra efforts and still cut costs because the vendor is still liable to pay third-party developers for licensing their proprietary software to build an eLearning course and also compensate developers who work on hourly basis.

Learn More About How eLearning Costs Are Determined

It’s best to contact one of our representatives to get a clear idea about the total costs to build the eLearning output that you are looking for. You can also try our eLearning Cost Calculator to get a rough estimate of your eLearning’s outputs.

eLearning Pricing

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eLearning Pricing

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