Calculate eLearning Development Costs

Calculating eLearning development costs is important for your next eLearning project:

  • Estimates of the time it takes to create 1 hour of eLearning content range from 100 hours to over 160 hours – a spread of 160%
  • Estimates of the cost of developing 1 hour or eLearning content range from around $ 9000 to over $ 28500 – a spread of over 300%

Why is this so hard to pin down more precisely?
What does go into deciding the complexity that affects the eLearning development costs?
And ultimately, what decides the cost of eLearning?

Download This Whitepaper

    No one disputes the value that eLearning brings to the training, sales support, new employee onboarding, and employee enablement efforts of an Enterprise. But, most Enterprises have little insight when it comes to calculating eLearning development costs. What factors make calculating eLearning development costs complex? What efforts are needed? And, how does the cost come together?

    Here’s a whitepaper that looks to demystify the factors that go into deciding the price of eLearning. Read it for a comprehensive view of the elements that come together when deciding the price of eLearning courses.

    Who is this for:

    • HR Leaders
    • Training Leaders
    • Learning and Development Leaders
    • Sales Leaders concerned about enablement