Is retention really important? Well, we did a little digging around only to find that it indeed is. So why do companies focus on hiring new talent to fill talent gaps instead of training and retaining the existing workforce? Well, it turns out that most companies are worried that trained employees will leave for a better opportunity, making the training process redundant because they have to then re-train somebody else. Hoping that your employees never leave is futile, many will definitely leave. However, not training or upskilling the existing workforce to take on additional roles because you are worried about them leaving is highly counterproductive.

What you need to remember is that retaining employees is what your company should actually be focusing on because it’s much easier to retain employees and build their skills. Which why we are going to discuss how you can retain employees in 5 easy ways using eLearning.

Retain Employees in 4 Easy Ways Using eLearning

Statistics claim that it costs 150% of a mid-level employee’s annual salary to replace them, and the cost only increases with seniority. Which makes employee retention a matter of great importance. Let’s study the graph to get a better understanding. From the graph it is quite clear that a quitting employee hurts the organization as it takes the organization back to square one. It leaves the organization with no option but to repeat entire process of recruitment-onboarding-training to bring the new employee into the ‘green zone’.

Retain Employees in 4 Easy Ways Using eLearning

Now take a step back to understand the problem when you have a company with a very high attrition rate.

In simple words, high attrition rates lead to reduced profitability for the company as a lot of time and effort goes into hiring new candidates and brining them into the green zone.

So, how do you retain employees?

An effective method of retaining employees is through training. The modern workforce is changing. Their ways of working and associating with a company are changing too. If a company appears to present its employees with reasonable ’employee development’ options, then the company is seen as a good or great place to work. Monetary compensation is no longer the sole driving force for employees to pick and associate with a company.

Qualified candidates don’t just look for higher salaries—they also look for professional growth in terms of acquiring new skills. The brutally competitive nature of the market today demands that recruiters do whatever it takes to retain good talent. Companies that do whatever it takes to retain employees are actually considered more modern in their approach, which is a stark difference from a few decades ago when employees were merely considered to be an asset that can be replaced. Modern employees want to associate with forward thinking companies which care about the development of the people who work for them and not with companies which still work like back-in-the-day.

Employees who believe they are not getting proper training and learning opportunities in an organization are more likely to look for better opportunities in other organizations as compared to companies that offer excellent training programs and this is a fact that is proving itself. eLearning has a big role to play in the training and development revolution that is sweeping across the globe. As more companies embrace eLearning, a surprising occurrence was brought to the forefront, retaining employees using eLearning was proving to be an effective solution.

Retain Employees in 4 Easy Ways Using eLearning

Retain Employees in 4 Easy Ways Using eLearning

eLearning over traditional learning

When you talk about training people who spend 8 hours a day working for you, it’s important to understand early that this is where a proper ‘work and life balance’ plays a big role. Expecting employees to sit through one day’s worth of training and then retaining all that knowledge for years to come is unrealistic. Expecting employees to spend their free time learning after working 8 hours is being too demanding.

So what do you do? The answer is give them access to training that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, whenever they wish to get started, basically eLearning.

A well designed training that works to help your employees improve their skills at their own convenience, in turn pushes employees to give their 100% when most possible. Customized training courses are amazing assets that can be used to build your employees. And when you give employees this amazing opportunity to learn at their own convenience, you are practically setting them up for success. Under such circumstances, an exiting employee will definitely have to come up with a really good reason to exit your organization if they ever do consider it. Making eLearning one of the best ways to retain employees!

Quality of training equals the quality of productivity

Training employees using tried and tested methods should be your go-to choice. eLearning courses built using sound instructional design principles to help retain more information is a tested process. When employees can retain more of their training over longer periods, it automatically makes them more productive at what they do. This holds doubly true for employees with a target-based job. As the productivity levels increase, it automatically improves the time your employee is having at work. Simply put, the lesser your employees struggle, the better they feel. The easier doing a task becomes, the more they’d want to do it.

Retain Employees in 4 Easy Ways Using eLearning

Additionally, the more productive an employee becomes, the more likely they are to be considered for better and more challenging roles. Productive employees tend to have a better day at work than non-productive employees. Productive employees seem to enjoy the work environment a lot more, and when you have employees who enjoy their work environment, you have employees who want to stay with the organization for longer. Isn’t this an amazing way to retain employees?

Retain Employees in 4 Easy Ways Using eLearning

Training and development opportunities is a sign to learn and move ahead

Rarely do employees leave citing salary as the only reason. There are other factors which stem from loss of interest among employees working in an organization. These include the lack of a platform to learn and improve skills, professional growth that maintains their excitement of working, and opportunities that are created for them to move forward in the organization. Employees who see organizations presenting them with the opportunity to grow and develop also see this as sign from the company to learn and move ahead. When they sense this, there’s very little that can actually convince them to exit the organization.

eLearning is excellent at helping learners improve their skills and contend for a promotion, it’s how top companies actually retain employees around the globe.

Empower employees and boost their morale

Stagnancy in work and learning in an employee’s professional journey is a big reason why people leave. Breaking the monotony of work by including learning into the mix is a possible solution. Learning breaks both the stagnancy of doing the same job, while giving employees the ability to upskill and possibly take on newer roles. In way, it’s one solution for many problems.

Quality training courses increase employee morale, creating a virtuous circle.

Great training –> high employee morale –> high engagement levels –> better productivity –> employee satisfaction –> reduced attrition rate –> repeat.

Retain Employees in 4 Easy Ways Using eLearning


Training is the core component in working relationships and retaining your employees. Hence, a great learning system with a thoughtfully planned structure in place should be the primary concern of an organization.

The flexibility of these online training programs encourages employees to take up training any place, any time. Hence, this ensures that your training provision is of the highest possible standard. This elasticity also enables employees to start from where they left off the last time and not miss out on any training session.

It is well known that majority of organizations do not have a proper training system in place and conduct onboarding training for employees while they work, resulting in high attrition rate. Hence, offering flexible, effective, and well-structured training programs to employees is crucial for organizations. This will ensure they get the right talent and build a team that not only believes in the organization but also want to stay with it for a long time ahead.

Retain Employees in 4 Easy Ways Using eLearning
Retain Employees in 4 Easy Ways Using eLearning

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