We are a Custom eLearning Development Agency

We design custom eLearning solutions to assist your organization with training, upskilling, and improving your employees’ workplace skills. eNyota Learning has led the eLearning services industry since 2007. We design functional and modern eLearning courses with a focus on learner engagement while also revitalizing your training programs. As one of the top eLearning companies worldwide, we specialize in designing ‘custom eLearning solutions’ tailored to suit your ‘very specific needs.’ You can trust us to deliver high-quality custom eLearning services at pace and scale.

Custom eLearning design is our forte!

To stay ahead of the competition, your business needs a skilled and competent workforce that’s ready to face every challenge. Businesses like yours need training solutions that are as unique as your organization and its people. We specialize in designing bespoke eLearning courses to train your employees, tailored to address your learners’ every need. Don’t settle for generic training options because we can deliver engaging and impactful eLearning designs that drive results.

Custom eLearning Solutions

We have perfected our custom eLearning solutions for optimal use on learning management systems and mobile learning platforms.

Our custom/bespoke eLearning courses are designed using rapid authoring to match your requirements in terms of instructional design, visual design, and technical requirements.

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We offer a Range of Custom eLearning Solutions for:



We create custom eLearning courses for retail agencies by combining content provided by the business and our expert designs.


We design and build custom eLearning courses for hospitality businesses based on the training content provided by the business.

IT and Software

Train your IT and software staff using custom eLearning courses designed to simplify technology adoption.

Medical Device

Need help with training medical device sales reps or looking to train pharma technicians? Only choose custom eLearning courses.

Business Services

We build a range of custom eLearning-based training for all service-based businesses.


Contact us for custom eLearning courses on safety, compliance, quality, and more.


We build custom compliance and sales courses for all financial institutions. Contact us to know more.


Sales training, product knowledge, service offerings, custom eLearning works best for this sector.

Pharma Device

Our team of experienced designers can build eLearning to match all regulatory requirements.

Training Types


Find out why custom eLearning for onboarding training works best.

Sales Training

Custom eLearning and sales training are a good combination.

Product Training

Unique products need unique training.

Process Training

Processes are unique to businesses.

Software Application Training

Building custom software application training is recommended for maximum results.

Safety and Compliance Training

Choose only custom training for safety and compliance. Never compromise.

Soft Skills and Behaviour Training

Build custom courses for soft skill and behaviour training for multiple job roles.

Leadership Training

Choose only the best training that is custom built for your leaders and managers.

Why Choose Custom eLearning Solutions Over Readymade Courses?

Your training needs are unique

Custom eLearning courses are ideal eLearning solutions for organizations with unique training needs. Compared to off-the-shelf courses, custom eLearning solutions are superior in both relevance and quality. Off-the-shelf courses are designed for a broad audience with generic training needs, while custom eLearning courses are tailored to address a diverse range of unique training requirements specific to the organization and their learners.

How do we manage your sensitive information?
As an ISO 27001 compliant organization, we understand the importance of protecting your sensitive business data. We have a strict non-disclosure policy in place to ensure that any information unique to your organization remains confidential.

Custom eLearning Solutions
Custom eLearning Solutions

Employee engagement is priority

Our team of eLearning professionals take the time to understand your business, its processes, and the learners with their unique needs and requirements. By gathering information about your learners, we build personalized training to maximize the adoption of training and boost engagement rates.

Custom eLearning is built to achieve strategic growth

As a custom eLearning company, we understand that for your organization, growth is a top priority. As a result, we design our custom eLearning courses as an accessory to your growth strategy. Our experts work closely to identify the micro and macro objectives that your business wishes to achieve and build training to help achieve them.

We also emphasize correctly mapping your training to your organization’s expected results, ensuring that the training is aligned with your overall training strategy.

Custom eLearning Solutions

Choose to invest in your organization’s success with customized eLearning courses that truly represent your unique training needs.

How Can We Assist as an eLearning Solutions Provider?

Partnering with the right eLearning vendor can be tricky, but at eNyota, we’ve been creating exclusive tailor-made courses for global corporate giants since 2007.

Get a quick estimation of eLearning costs and find the best fit for your needs with our eLearning Cost Calculator.

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