Employee Onboarding – Challenges and Best Practices

69% of employees are more likely to stay with their company for 3 years if they experienced great onboarding. Failing to bring new employees up to speed can result in high turnover rates and poor efficiency. 22% of employee turnover happens in the first 45 days of joining.

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    By enabling employees to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become effective, engaged members of their teams and departments, you can ensure they seamlessly integrate into the organization. If you want your new hires to stick around for a long time, you can no longer look at effective onboarding as an option. Clearly, good employee onboarding is vital for retaining top talent and leveraging their efforts in meeting the goals of your organization.

    In this Whitepaper, we will examine the challenges in putting an effective employee onboarding program into place and consider some best practices that could help achieve these objectives.