elearning for training

elearning for Training

Training and education have come a long way since its inception. In the modern day and age, there are multiple dimensions to learning which traditional training is unable to address. With the present generation increasingly accepting latest technologies and training from the comfort of your home becoming a trend, eLearning has emerged as an all rounded answer. Training companies and educational institutes no longer need to rely on a traveling trainer, venues, or tight schedules; eLearning has emerged as a solution to all these challenges. With time and advancing technology, it is only right to upgrade from traditional training activities to a more modern approach.

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Why traditional training alone is not enough?

Modern humans are technology centric: Modern humans are technology centric. The combination of technology with any activity automatically increases the interest an individual takes towards that activity, and training and education is no different.

Time is a scarce resource: Traditional training takes time. Time to travel, time to educate, and time to asses. People today are short on time, and prefer saving time wherever possible.

The added avenue of Gamification and Simulation training increases interest and retention: The added avenue of simulating complex topics and increasing the level of competition, increases the retention rate in learners. Encouraging them to participate more.

Expert advice is now available globally:  People have spent countless hours travelling and visiting subject experts in search of training. Today, with the advent of eLearning, expert courses and advice is accessible globally, from the comfort of your home.

At eNyota we create eLearning for training companies looking to outsource projects

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Designing interesting courses: eNyota believes in creating interesting courses, which grab the attention of your learners and makes it an impactful training initiative.

Compatible with SCORM compliant LMSs: Courses designed are SCORM compliant and work seamlessly on your local LMS.

Provides Moodle Integrations: eNyota provides Moodle integrations of your existing courses.

eNyota Has more than 10 years of experience: 10+ years of experience says we can handle almost anything you throw at us.

eNyota can help Your Organization with eLearning Courses for Training & Education. Get in touch with us!