online courses for hospitality


We build hospitality and F&B-based eLearning courses to help companies train their staff on a host of topics. Our custom online hospitality training courses are built keeping your business challenges in mind and are tailor made to match your staff’s training needs.


The hospitality industry is a rapidly evolving space. All hospitality companies are driven by a strong focus on increasing the service quality, standards, attention to detail, compliance, and safety, when serving customers.

Customer satisfaction and appeal are two important factors in becoming an iconic establishment. It is based on the success of these factors that exceptional businesses are distinguished from average businesses.

The industry also demands a highly dedicated staff-force along all levels.  And the best way to achieve this is by progressively increasing the training standards of the staff-force. The benefits of replacing traditional training with eLearning in the hospitality sector are numerous. However, it is the ability to easily update and refurbish eLearning-based training that makes online training for hospitality a much better option that traditional training.



  • Rapid Deployment of Specialized Training: Specialized services and specialized staff, these are two terms that hospitality businesses take seriously. Achieving some form of specialization is very important for every player in this industry in order to distinguish their business from the competition. Specialization is achieved via training and development and a strong focus on staff upskilling. eLearning is a tool which helps organizations bring specialized training to their employees in a quick and affordable manner.

  • Delivering Training on Customer Experience: Customer experience is a dynamic and a broad term. To train your staff on how to deliver a good customer experience repeatedly, the advanced training abilities of eLearning like videos, images, scenarios, and simulations can play a major role. This is one form of training that cannot be solely addressed in a classroom using paper-based training.

  • Keeping the Costs of Repeated Onboarding Low: The hospitality industry faces high attrition rates. The need to effectively onboard new employees and train them on standards, practices, beliefs, and requirements is an ongoing and an unavoidable process. Adding to this is the cost of repeatedly onboarding new employees and the efforts associated to it. However, eLearning is built for repeated use with minimal resource utilization. This makes onboarding an affordable activity.

  • Tracking Compliance: Great emphasis is placed on the standards and regulations governing this domain in comparison to other industries. This is because the industry operates within the food and beverage product category and these products are highly regulated by multiple government agencies. The need to rollout specialized compliance and safety training at pace is unmatched. eLearning can help rollout training fast and keep an electronic record of everything.


  • Custom Courses on Customer Service Experience: When creating the perfect customer experience at your hospitality-based business, it is important to ensure that the experience is totally unique to your brand. We assist you in building engaging media-rich training content to help train staff on how to create a good customer service experience.

  • Custom Courses on Food, Service, and Safety: When it comes to food and safety-based compliance training, we do not recommend any business to go with dull or uninspiring training. You need to give your staff the most engaging and attention capturing training to guide their focus towards a topic that is very important. We understand this, and so our compliance-based courses are designed to be interesting and thought provoking.

  • Courses Designed for Each Job Role: A hospitality business excels when people with varying skills come together in a bid to do something spectacular. Whether it is front-staff or even kitchen staff, we can assist you in designing an eLearning-based training program that is relevant to the job role. More importantly, it is custom designed to suit the minutes of a specific job role at your workplace.

  • Reduced Cost and Efforts of Regular Onboarding: Our onboarding courses are designed keeping repeated usage and the ability to withstand time in mind. These courses are SCORM compatible and can also be deployed to mobile devices if needed.

  • Improved Tracking: A training program without assessments and outcomes yields very little actionable data for future course of actions once it has ended. We can weave assessments, monitoring, and tracking modules into your eLearning course at pre-determined sections in order to truly maximize your training’s impact and collect actionable data.

In the world of hospitality and F&B services, patrons expect nothing short of perfection. Train your staff to be the best with detailed eLearning courses. Consult one of our learning experts here!