Emphasis on process training is an organization-wide concern, which makes eLearning-based training for each department important.

Custom eLearning for Process Training

When functional departments like Sales, HR, Manufacturing, and IT follow a set of guidelines, the organization functions like a well-oiled machine. These guidelines are called processes, and they help the organization maintain an efficient state of working.

Processes define the exact steps and measures to take which every department must follow to achieve a desired end-result. It aims to maximize the output and reduce the wastage of time, efforts, and resources. Emphasis on process training is an organization-wide concern, which makes traditionally training each department a cost-intensive effort. In the event of a department or organization-wide restructuring, which calls for new processes to be outlined, traditional training further contributes towards increasing costs and efforts.

eLearning for Process Training


All departments of an organization follow processes. Traditional training is inefficient because of the high costs associated with training multiple departments.
With the change in policies, management, and conditions of working, processes undergo restructuring. The modern business environment is dynamic and regularly undergoes changes. Addressing these changes through traditional training methods is a costly affair.
Training departments to follow correct processes is a regular affair. It is how organizations ensure their departments function with efficiency. eLearning courses are a cost-effective way of regularly training all departments.
eLearning courses stored on an LMS help provide a framework for an L&D team to organize and automate the delivery of training, schedule classroom training sessions and eliminate paper-based assessments, instead of ad-hoc on-the-job training and inconsistent classroom sessions.
Channel partners who help in distributing and marketing products follow a product distribution process. Vendors who supply semi-finished products to an organization are also required to follow a strict manufacturing process. Training partners who are located across the globe is difficult but an important process in itself.


eLearning for Process Training

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