Train Your Pharmacy Technicians Online With Elearning Courses

Elearning for Pharmacy Technicians

In the post COVID-19 world, pharmacy technicians and pharma companies as a whole will play a pivotal role.

As pharma companies quickly scale and expand multiple fronts of their business in an effort to match growing demand, it becomes increasingly important for pharma organizations to train their staff on a myriad of subjects.

eLearning is a great option for pharma-based organizations that are seriously considering training and development.

eLearning is perfect to train your pharmacy technicians on:

  • Studying pharmacology
  • Pharmacy laws, regulations, and standards
  • Drug development
  • Drug administering

These courses are just a few to name among the many courses available under the umbrage of pharmacy technician training.

As a result, custom-built eLearning courses on pharmacy are a better approach to training your staff on topics that are unique to your business operations.


As pharma businesses expand and hire new employees across multiple locations, centralized L&D structures must adapt to online training in order to ensure standardized training. This is in part due to online training’s ability to be built and deployed from a central location to multiple other locations across the globe.

Train Your Pharmacy Technicians Online With Elearning Courses

Additionally, it is recommended that pharma business opt for custom eLearning courses. This is because custom training encompasses multiple uses, ranging from compliance to onboarding new pharmacy technicians, and more.

The course material is provided to us by ‘you’ the client. This content in turn can be sourced by you from organizations such as the council for pharmacy education, pharmacy technician certification board, and other established accreditation councils for the pharmacy sector.

All training is deployed as online pharmacy courses and certification programs. A typical pharmacy study course can last from anywhere between 4 to 5 years. However, we assist in converting a substantial portion of your pharmacy technician training into eLearning that is self-paced and considerably shorter.

The passing of time and the inability to practice what was learnt can affect pharmacy technicians after years of working. We assist in building custom pharmacy refresher courses used as training refreshers. You can also use these courses to refresh the knowledge of experienced professionals with updated content and concepts.

These courses are self-paced and excellent study material to prepare for compliance and yearly audits.

Online pharmacy technician courses can be broken into sub-sections for technicians to access and train themselves whenever needed.


Your organization may regularly onboard trainee pharmacy technicians fresh out of college.

Designing an onboarding course for these freshers is a great way to integrate new employees into your organization and the industry.

It is important to note that freshers need onboarding and basic workplace safety and precautions training before contributing alongside other experienced technicians.

Train Your Pharmacy Technicians Online With Elearning Courses
Train Your Pharmacy Technicians Online With Elearning Courses


Refresher courses are great for experienced technicians with specialized skill sets.

Sometimes, refresher courses help technicians recollect forgotten concepts and training as a result of passing of time.

Moreover, refresher courses are doubly important for employees who need to re-take their compliance courses on a regular basis and even pharmacists with an expiring certificate.


A popular course among most pharma companies and among our clients. This training is a combination of illustrations, videos, and text and is absolutely critical from a compliance and safety standpoint.

Managing hazardous materials is a complicated and critical job. Accurate and timely training helps professionals in this field perform better than others.

Train Your Pharmacy Technicians Online With Elearning Courses
Train Your Pharmacy Technicians Online With Elearning Courses


This is a general training course for the pharmacy and medical device industry. New and experienced employees from both industries can benefit from this cross-directional course.

It comprises of general onboarding, workplace safety, and compliance training, with semi-specialized training for each vertical.

The depth of such a course is limited. Since these courses are not meant for specializing, they are top-of-the-funnel courses aimed at simplifying the courses that lay ahead.


Pharma regulatory training courses are designed to help organizations train their pharmacy technicians responsible for enforcing the organization’s regulatory framework through all applicable verticals and levels.

This training aims to test and assess employees. Hence, it is a detail-oriented course with the ability to certify technicians who successfully clear the training.

Train Your Pharmacy Technicians Online With Elearning Courses
Train Your Pharmacy Technicians Online With Elearning Courses


We are experienced in developing custom eLearning courses used for online pharmacy training for some of the biggest global pharmaceuticals. Our online courses or eLearning modules are designed to meet global standards of training and development.

No need is too complex for us. We simplify your complex pharmacy training content into engaging eLearning versions..

We excel at turning uninspiring but important concepts like quality assurance training programs into engaging and beneficial eLearning training content.

We can even design specialized technician courses to certify your pharma technicians.

It’s a great way to promote employee growth and nurture in-house talent.

To know more about the types of hospitality courses that your organization can opt for, get in touch with us via the following options