Custom eLearning for Oil and Natural Gas Industry

The energy sector drives the world economy and subsequent pricing of all goods and services across sectors. Owing to its incredible global demand, the need to explore natural resources and alternate forms of energy puts massive stress on energy exploration corporations. This leads to a constant need to hire trained and experienced professionals. It is also an industry where safety and compliance training are very important since each professional is operates in high-risk environments.

Training is the mainstay of this industry as regulations and protocols are put into place to monitor lawful business activities, safety of workers, and environment safety measures. This is where eLearning hosted over an agile learning management system works very well.

eLearning for oil and gas exploration companies

Why choose eLearning to Train the Oil and Natural Gas Industry?

Due to a lower retirement age, this industry faces a constant shortage of experienced trainers and mentors. Additionally, remotely located wells, oil rigs, and gas lakes, makes it difficult for travelling trainers.

Many aspects of this work profile involve visually understanding appropriate set of actions. Simulating an emergency escape is just one of the many simulation-based courses needed while on the job. eLearning for compliance training is very important.

Ensuring workforce safety standards and compliance is very important. Safety and compliance are not yearly or biannual training initiatives. They are regular affairs ensuring workers are aware of and trained to handle the high-risk environment.

Implementing new technologies to simplify exploration is common. However, the training needed to understand these technologies is complex. Access to readily available information and regular assessments are mandatory.

How does eNyota help the Oil and Natural Gas Industry?

Our highly visual courses are designed to deliver training best suited for an industry like oil and natural gas.
We put emphasis on making compliance courses engaging. Engaging compliance courses ensure training is retained.
Our courses are accessible over multiple mobile devices. In remote locations, mobile devices are sometimes the only option.
Our courses are designed to minimise the possibilities of untoward incidents. These incidents are a constant threat to the workers within the industry.
We break your complex operating manuals into bite-sized formats for machine operators to access while on the job.
eLearning for oil and natural gas exploration

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