Leadership/Manager Training

Leadership and manager training is every organization’s key to achieving total success. It is only through good leadership can all the resources of an organization be effectively utilized to perform its best. A leader embodies the strategic role of being a planner, motivator, example setter, and adviser. By investing in leadership and manager training, an organization can create a culture of regular training and development. This means managers and team leaders can start identifying areas for improvement within their departments and teams and recommend appropriate training.

Since this role majorly consists of utilizing human resources to the fullest, managers and leaders require in-depth knowledge of the human psyche. Leadership roles are more about mentally enabling a group of people with common goals, towards achieving success. Regular training on goal setting, achieving targets, identifying hurdles, and problem-solving are at the core of leadership training. Furthermore, many individuals are promoted from a subordinate position to that of a leader. They have little to no knowledge of heading a group of people and are often intimidated by the increase in responsibilities.

Why can traditional training alone not handle your leadership and manager training programs?

  • Leadership training is a continuous activity: Leaders are made over time. It is through taking strong decisions and analyzing outcomes that a person truly become a leader. Traditional training may last for a week, sometimes a month, but true leaders are created through regular training and assessing oneself. An eLearning course with its limitless possibilities provides potential managers and leaders with a never-ending supply of topics to learn, increasing their ability to be an effective leader.

  • Multi-dimensional: Being a leader involves understanding and identifying a range of topics beyond the scope of traditional training. Understanding an employee’s disposition, motivating a team, and identifying the glue holding a team together are aspects that traditional training alone cannot address. These need the added dimensions of eLearning.

  • Training on assessing team members: Team leaders are required to be trained in better assessing their team members. Traditional training offers only one way of assessing learners, and that is through paper-based assessments. eLearning truly provides a range of methods through which leaders can assess their team members. These could be situation-based assessments, teamwork assessment, and department-wide assessments.

  • Shortage of quality leaders: With the growing shortage of qualified skilled leaders, organizations are increasingly required to invest in training and leadership building courses. Traditional training alone cannot address these issues since leadership training is a continuous and time-consuming process. The need for readily available courses which employees can access even before becoming a leader greatly prepares them for the additional responsibilities.

  • Need for specialized trainers: Some organizations rely on hiring external experts to teach potential managers the basics of leadership. Since hiring a trainer over an extended period of time is cost intensive, the training hardly provides anything more than basic knowledge.

How does eNyota help your trainers and managers improve themselves?

  • Situation-based courses: eNyota has created situation-based courses which managers and leaders use as a problem-solving practice.

  • People handling: Let eNyota design engaging courses on handling people, their emotions, and motivating team members. After all, leadership is all about knowing your people.

  • Goal settings: eNyota helps your organization identify goals which are turned into interactive videos, providing your leaders with a clear roadmap. These are small tools which enable your organization’s leaders in achieving the most.

  • Team courses: eNyota creates courses for the complete team to participate and compete in, helping your leaders build their team’s spirit. Use these courses as a team building initiative!

  • Department specific courses: Department specific courses by eNyota outline your departments’ collective goals.

Train your future leaders with a variety of leadership development courses. After all, leaders are not born, they are made!