eLearning for software and IT training


For an industry such as this, only the best eLearning for IT and Software Services will suffice.


Information technology and software services hold central positions in today’s business place and will continue to do so in the future as well. With increased focus on automating daily tasks and simplifying organization-wide functions, the demand for IT and Software Services has increased. Businesses relying on IT services have quadrupled in the last 8 years and this number is rising. IT solutions that improve a business’ profitability, automate functions, design and manufacture products, and educate their customers is what most IT and Software organizations serve.

This puts a significant amount of stress on IT and Software Product companies to maintain a well-informed and trained workforce. Training and development are the only way to keep them razor-sharp to handle the demands of a highly competitive, innovative, and dynamic environment. However, not just any training will do. For an industry such as this, only the best eLearning for IT and Software Services will suffice.


  • IT industry is prone to quick and major changes: The IT industry is prone to quick and disruptive changes, for example, European GDPR standards and guidelines. In the event of a disruptive new technology or trends, entire organizations may have to restructure their operations. Traditional training is unable to address these changes.
  • Employees are tech savvy: Employees working in hi-tech industries are tech savvy. Traditional training methods are often out-of-place with such an audience. Adopting eLearning for IT services like micro-learning, video-based learning, or virtual classrooms is best suited. eLearning for information technology-based organizations is a perfect match.

  • Complex subjects made simple: Highly complex subjects and topics are common in this industry. eLearning for IT and software training ensures the simplification of these complex subjects. The ability to train at one’s own pace is the biggest advantage makes eLearning for IT services a better option.

  • Onboarding in IT is complex: Onboarding in the IT industry can last up to 3 months for new employees. In some cases, it is looked at as a mandatory training period. During this period, employees are trained on basic IT skills, introduction to the business, the various software being used, etc. Striking a perfect balance between traditional training and eLearning can reduce the overall time to train.

  • There is a need for self-paced learning: The complexity of the IT and Software Services industry and the general technicality of this industry make traditional training inefficient. Self-paced training is a standard requirement. Traditional training does not facilitate this.

  • It is better suited for customer support training: Customer support, technical support, and product specialists form a significant part of this industry. Developing their soft-skills and technical skills using traditional training alone is a time consuming, expensive, and inefficient activity.


IT and Software Services
  • Product knowledge training for sales and marketing teams: IT and Software companies comprise of sales and marketing teams. eLearning for IT and Software Services helps build their product knowledge and sales techniques aimed at boosting sales.

  • Training the extended enterprise: External channel partners, resellers, distributors, and support partners work as an extension of technology-related organizations. eLearning for information technology and software training helps build a channel partner’s confidence in working for your organization. A well-trained channel partner network can make a big difference to sales and after-sales product support.

  • Provide training to other teams: eNyota creates unique courses specific to your team’s/department’s needs. Domain-specific information or simply training on project management and process best practices, eLearning is the base supporting your training needs.

  • Assessment to test knowledge: Let eNyota create challenging assessments which test your employee’s knowledge of specific topics, identify skill gaps, and help you re-train them. The ability to assess your employees’ skills through eLearning courses and assessments for software training is highly beneficial.

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