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In the world of B2B and B2C service providers, knowledge is king. It is crucial for service providers to know their job functions well in order to help others. This industry thrives on quality information being passed from business to business. The need for all who accentuate this knowledge transfer to be well trained is important.

This industry comprises of financial services, consultation firms, law firms, IT, specialist solution providers and more. These businesses facilitate the smooth functioning of other organizations which involve managing customers, legal consultation, profitability assurance, employee related services, and more. This makes training very important in the service industry.

Why traditional training cannot address a business service provider’s needs.

elearning for business training
  • Complex products and services: B2B and B2C service providers often deal with complex products and services for which they provide solutions to clients. The need for business service employees to know their job at all times is critical. A single error in passing information can cause losses to the service provider and the client. Traditional training involving a trainer needs to be very accurate when training employees.
  • Cannot address global customer training: In the B2B and B2C service industry, the need to train clients in the usage of products and services is as important as training internal employees. Sending trainers to train clients across the globe can add to costs of time and efforts. This process is repeated for all the clients a service provider may have, and may also be repeated if the initial training activity is unsuccessful.
  • Regular change in products and services: Regular change in products and services is inevitable. In the B2B and B2C service providing industry, scheduling programs to address these changes becomes cumbersome as employees and customers both need training. The products and services are often complex in nature, and the need to document training for the purpose of repeated usage is important. Traditional training falls short of documenting this event. eLearning makes it economical – cost, time, and effort wise.
  • Maintaining standard dissemination of information: Service providers must ensure all their employees are trained in a standard manner. The involvement of a human element in the form of a trainer may create a situation where the training being provided is not standard. The need for standardization of practices and information across all levels is important.
  • Address global training: Businesses and customers are located across the globe. The ability to provide training which is standard and accurate on an organization-wide level, across the globe, in preferred local languages is impossible when considering traditional classroom training.

How has eNyota helped business service providers?

  • Simplify complex topics:  We have designed courses which break complex topics into bite-sized formats, enhancing maximum retention and repeated usage.
  • Courses to train B2B customers: Courses are designed and created for businesses to train their customers on products and services usage.
  • e-Courses on products and services: We have created detailed courses which inventories every product and service a business has, and designed assessments to test the employee’s knowledge on these products and services.
business training
  • Train employees in their preferred language: We create custom training courses and translate them to multiple global languages.
  • Asses employees on their knowledge about the business solutions: We have designed detailed assessments which test an employee’s expertise on different subjects. These tests also help in identifying areas of improvement.
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