The client is a chain of affordable resorts spread across Thailand. Their moto is to provide calm and relaxed environment to thrill seekers, friends, fellow travellers and small families. Having opened a new resort, they had a mix of new and old staff from their other locations. They wanted to create training to onboard new hires as well give a as give a refresher to the old employees in their ways. Their expectation was to have a course with simple and clean looking interface that is simple to understand and features interactions and scenarios.
They had training material from the courses they use at other locations. We took the content and rehashed it to make it work for their requirement. We split the whole program into 5 modules of approximately 20-25 minutes duration to be developed in Articulte Storyline.
We found that the content was at the knowledge level, from where it moves into the comprehension level (Bloom’s Taxonomy levels 1 and 2). To ensure we don’t miss out on essential elements in the course, we used Bloom’s Taxonomy to build the learning objectives and also used a combination of John Keller’s ARCS and Robert Gagne’s 9 Events of Instruction.
We delivered the content in the eLearning course using an audio-driven approach with media and summarized text on screen (avoiding information overload). While the presence of audio allowed us to use progressive disclosure of content, the scenario-based screens allowed us to make their employees practice real world scenarios without being physically present in the situation.
Our visual design strategy was to use an open and clean interface, leveraging the client’s branding and modern and dynamic media strategy. This ensured attention is not taken away from the higher-level graphics of each screen, allowing the visualization of the theory to speak for itself.
We proposed to build the program using Articulate Storyline because of its flexibility and versatility. The modules were tested on our own LMS and finally published as Scorm modules for deployment to their LMS.