This course is part of HR Induction and Compliance Training to train employees on the policy related to sexual harassment and was to address such cases quickly as per the policy.

This course takes the learners through the definition of sexual harassment, its types and the impact on those who experience it. The course starts with an activity that allows the learners to identify the myths based on sexual harassment from facts. This gets the learners thinking from the start and leads to better involvement in the course. It then moves onto a scenario which involves a conversation between two colleagues, based on which the learners are asked to identify if it’s a case of sexual harassment. It further covers the two main types of sexual harassment that the US government recognizes and the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It also discusses the mental, physical and professional setbacks that the victims face due sexual harassment and trains learners on how to identify it in order to prevent it.

The course includes another scenario that emphasizes on the fact that the victim and the harasser can belong to any or even the same sex and need not be necessarily be women, which is a common perception. It includes inline questions to test the learners on the topics covered. It further goes on to cover the zero tolerance policy, the complaint process, prohibition of retaliation, investigations, handling complaints, and working with HR in case of such instances.

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