This demo eLearning course is intended to help HR professionals approach and execute employee terminations correctly. Termination can be a challenging task, and many HR professionals struggle with it. This course is designed to ease the process by providing guidance on the proper approach to take when terminating an employee.

This course takes the learners through the definition of employee termination, its types and the difference between rightful and wrongful terminations. It then covers the grounds that are legally accepted as the rightful and the reasons that are deemed illegal as per the law in the U.S. The course further discusses the process of termination and the activities that need to be carried out correctly to avoid any legal implications for either one of the parties. It covers the common mistakes that can be made during the process of termination which should be avoided.

This course explains that though the termination process may not be a pleasant responsibility, it however is often required for the progress of the company or in a difficult economic culture.

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