After changes in management and policies at the firm during COVID lock-down, this marketing services agency decided to get training built from new content and upgrade their existing modules as well to reflect the new design.
Their existing modules were built in-house a few years ago using Adobe Captivate. When asked, they didn’t have the source files or the original scripts/documents for these existing modules. So, we asked our tech team to extract as much data as possible from their outputs and transcribed the rest. Because of the absence of source files, we had to completely re-build the old modules.
They were pretty clear about their training needs from the start but weren’t sure about the look and feel of it and how a Level 2 course differentiates itself from a Level 1 in terms of content presentation. So, our design team built 4 mockups for them, with 2 of them using Level 1 – all text on screen and the other 2 using Level 2 design – media led, with keywords and phrases on screen. After reviewing the design mockups, they were convinced they wanted to run with Level 2.
We used the ADDIE model as base the modules, and principles from Bloom’s Taxonomy and Gagne’s 9 Events of Instruction to help us structure and build the flow of training.
We developed 5 learning hours of training ground up and 3 learning hours of training from their old material. The content was phrased in a way that it does not look overbearing and crowded. We used professional audio synchronized with the onscreen content such as diagrams, conceptual graphics, icons etc. to tell a story.
As part of Level 2 design strategy, we used Gestalt’s Laws to maintain separate content blocks, for the learners to be able to clearly identify them based on color and layout.
Having been convinced of the graphics, instructional design, tech and development teams capabilities, they were quick to realize that we were the right vendor for them, and they went with our suggested tool Storyline.