This eLearning course is designed to educate both employees and management on the health and safety practices that must be followed in the workplace. It is a compliance course that aims to ensure that all individuals are aware of the necessary safety protocols to create a safe working environment. Please note that this is a demo eLearning course.

The client is an automotive accessories provider based in Europe. They wanted to update their set of old courses on workplace safety and make them more appealing and engaging for their employees.
This module is part of a series created to train the employees on Work Health and Safety Compliance Standards. The objective of this series is to do an in-depth coverage of a whole gamut of topics such as managing risk, preventing accidents at work, fighting emergencies like fire, ensuring safe physical environment, and dealing with common workplace hazards. It prepares the employees to face an emergency at their workplace and serves as a reference guide for them to learn the best practices.
Our objective was to create a course that the users could refer to anytime and yet not feel overwhelmed by the content. We used a combination of the ADDIE Model and Robert Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction to develop a structure, then we used Blooms Levels of Instruction Design to break the topics down into smaller content chunks to define the learning levels through the module.

We used progressive reveal of information using interactions and use of infographics. We showed summarized content on screen and supported it with audio to deliver nuggets of important information instead of showing all of it at once. We used activities throughout the module enabling the user to recall what they learned and we interspersed questions to test their knowledge, and had the users take an assessment at the end of each module to qualify for the next module.

We used photographs, simple gender-neutral icons and illustrations. Simple and clean looking graphics enabled users to focus on the content and not get distracted by loud visuals.
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