This demo eLearning course is a scenario-based training module designed as a part of HR Induction training program for new employees. Its primary objective is to provide new hires with practical scenarios that they might encounter in the workplace, enabling them to better understand how to handle similar situations in the future.

This is a US-based pharmaceutical company. Their HR department wanted to initiate training to engrain HR policies in the employees. They wanted to create simple yet intuitive courses to train their entire workforce in a phased manner. They wanted their employees to be able to take the courses anywhere and at their own pace.
The course is a part of the company’s induction program and covers the code of conduct that employees need to adhere to. It focusses on 7 policies that are put into place to safeguard employee interests, which include sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination, dress code, data security, internet usage, and the gift exchange policy.
The course is taught through scenarios and allows the learner to think through the character’s viewpoint and answer the question they are posed with. We’ve also employed progressive disclosure of information as a way to deliver bite sized learning.

The sections take them to a scenario, then the company policy related to that scenario, and further moves on to redressal question. Not all scenarios depict inappropriate behavior and hence don’t need a redressal question. This edges the learners to pay more attention at the scenario. This course not only is a visual treat which enables better recall value, but it uses scenarios effectively to ensure learners understand and follow the employee code of conduct at ABC Corp.

Simple photograph based course.
Taking into account the flexibility Rise affords to the user – to take their courses anytime, anywhere and on any device, we decided to go with Articulate Rise as the tool of choice.