This course is to train sales teams, new sales people on the importance of cold calling to the overall sales process, how to plan and conduct
cold calling campaigns.

The client is a US-based sales training agency. Most of their training happens face-to-face and they were transitioning to eLearning so as to reach a wider audience and offer a blended solution.

The training suite was called Essential Selling Techniques. This suite had 5 modules, each covering a specific aspect of the sales process. This module covers the importance of cold calling and how it is an integral step in the sales process. It explains how cold calling can generate business by tapping new leads. The module covers how to prepare for a cold call before the call is made and during the call and the common challenges faced by not just cold callers but also the prospects they are calling. It also covers challenges like gatekeepers, rude prospects, voice mails, disciplined cold calling and getting over call reluctance.

The module finally emphasizes on how cold calling is a difficult step in sales but if used effectively, it can become a strong tool for a successful business.

The client didn’t want audio which means we chose a level 1 approach where all text was onscreen, supported by relevant media in the form of icons and infographics. To keep the training engaging, we interspersed a variety of interactivities. This also helped deliver content in bite-sized chunks, in a pace the user could control. We used illustrated characters in a slightly humorous setting to keep the training fun. Most level 1 courses end up being plain page-turners, so this customized approach made the training fun yet impactful.

The module includes inline questions to test the learner’s understanding from time to time.

Characters, icons, and infographics in an illustrated, cartoon style; custom player

Articulate Storyline 360