What is Customer Training?

Customer training refers to the process of educating and teaching customers on how to use and get the most value from a product or service. This can include formal training sessions, online courses, webinars, tutorials, or other forms of education and instruction.

Why is Customer Training Gaining Momentum?

The goal of customer training is to help customers understand how to effectively use a product or service to meet their needs and to provide them with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful. This can help to improve customer satisfaction, increase adoption and usage of the product, and reduce the need for ongoing support and customer service.

Customer training can be delivered in various forms and formats and can be designed to meet the specific needs and preferences of different customers. It can also be a key component of customer engagement and retention efforts, helping to build a strong and loyal customer base for a business.

Today’s highly competitive market is encouraging customers to endorse brands and companies that are ready to go that extra mile in order to increase the overall customer experience. When every other brand is offering almost everything under the sun, it may just come down to which one actually cares most about helping customers truly solve their problems. Not by just selling them a product or service, but by ensuring that customers learn how to use that product or service to the best of their abilities. This is precisely why customer education is gaining momentum across the globe.

Some Companies That are Already Using Customer Training to Gain a Market Edge

    1. Salesforce

      Salesforce provides comprehensive training and certification programs for its customers, including online courses, virtual instructor-led training, and in-person events. These programs help customers to effectively use and get the most value from the Salesforce platform. Let’s take a look at everything the company does to train its customers:

      • Online courses: Salesforce provides a range of online courses that cover different aspects of the platform, from basic to advanced features. These courses are accessible to customers anytime, anywhere, and can be taken at their own pace.
      • Virtual instructor-led training: Salesforce offers virtual instructor-led training programs, where customers can participate in live training sessions led by certified Salesforce trainers. These sessions provide hands-on experience with the platform and are designed to help customers understand and apply its features.
      • In-person events: Salesforce hosts in-person training events such as customer workshops and conferences that bring together experts and customers to share best practices and provide hands-on training.
      • Certification programs: Salesforce offers a range of certification programs that help customers demonstrate their knowledge and skills in using the platform. These programs include the Salesforce Administrator certification, Salesforce App Builder certification, and Salesforce Developer certification, among others.
      • Support resources: Salesforce provides a range of support resources, including online documentation, customer communities, and customer success teams, to help customers get the most out of the platform. You can inspect how salesforce hosts free training for beginner users on YouTube:
    2. HubSpot

      HubSpot, a customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation platform offers a variety of training resources to its customers to help them maximize the use of its tools and features. These resources include:

      • HubSpot Academy: A free, online learning platform with courses on inbound marketing, sales, and customer service.
      • On-demand video tutorials: A collection of video tutorials covering various topics related to using the HubSpot platform.
      • Documentation: A comprehensive library of articles and guides on how to use the different features and tools of the platform.
      • Live and recorded webinars: Regular webinars and recorded sessions on a variety of topics, hosted by HubSpot experts.
      • Customer Success Services: Personalized training and support services offered to customers who want more in-depth help and guidance. You can view HubSpot’s training for beginners on YouTube:
    3. Microsoft

      Microsoft offers a wide range of customer training programs and resources, including online courses, certification programs, and in-person events. These resources help customers to effectively use and get the most value from Microsoft products and services. Some customer training initiatives by Microsoft are:

      • Microsoft Learn: A free, online learning platform offering interactive tutorials, hands-on exercises, and modules on a variety of Microsoft technologies, including Azure, Dynamics, Power Platform, and more.
      • Official Documentation: A comprehensive library of technical articles and guides on how to use Microsoft products and services.
      • Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA): A free, online training platform that offers live and recorded webinars, tutorials, and hands-on labs covering a range of Microsoft technologies.
      • Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) program: A certification program that allows individuals to demonstrate their expertise in Microsoft technologies through exams and certifications.
      • Microsoft Partner Network (MPN): A network of Microsoft partners who offer training and support services to customers who want more in-depth help and guidance.
      • In-Person Training: Microsoft and its partners also offer in-person training classes and workshops, often in conjunction with conferences and events. View the Microsoft’s Learn library here:
    4. Oracle

      Oracle provides a variety of customer training programs, including online courses, virtual instructor-led training, and in-person events. These programs help customers to understand how to effectively use Oracle products and services and to achieve their business goals. Some customer training initiatives by Oracle:

        • Oracle University: A comprehensive training and certification program that offers classroom training, online courses, and certification exams on a variety of Oracle technologies, including databases, cloud, and applications.
        • Oracle Academy: A global educational program that provides free resources, training, and support to educators and students, including curriculum and hands-on experience with Oracle technologies.
        • Oracle Learning Library: An online library of technical articles, whitepapers, and guides that provide information on how to use Oracle products and services.
        • Oracle Live Virtual Class (LVC): Live, instructor-led online training courses that allow customers to receive training from anywhere.
        • Oracle Support Services: Personalized training and support services offered to customers who want more in-depth help and guidance.
        • User Groups and Conferences: Oracle also offers user groups and conferences, where customers can connect with each other and attend sessions and workshops on Oracle technologies. Visit Oracle University here:
    5. Adobe 

      Adobe provides comprehensive customer training and certification programs, including online courses, virtual instructor-led training, and in-person events. These programs help customers to effectively use and get the most value from Adobe products and services. Some customer training initiatives by Adobe are:

      • Adobe Creative Cloud tutorials: A collection of video tutorials and interactive exercises covering a wide range of Adobe creative tools, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.
      • Adobe Help Center: A comprehensive library of articles, guides, and resources on how to use Adobe products and services.
      • Adobe Creative Cloud Learning: A subscription-based service that offers a variety of online courses, tutorials, and resources to help customers learn new skills and advance their careers.
      • Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) program: A certification program that allows individuals to demonstrate their expertise in Adobe products and services through exams and certifications.
      • Adobe Community: A community of Adobe customers and experts who offer support, share tips and tricks, and collaborate on projects.
      • Adobe Live: A series of live, online events and workshops covering a range of topics related to Adobe products and services.
        Visit Adobe Creative Cloud tutorials here:

It’s quite evident from above that these companies take customer training very seriously.

Yes, it’s true that all of the companies we mentioned above are exclusively enterprise-level software developers and so using their products come with a set of challenges and a learning curve that is unique to each, making training their customers a highly logical and important step, but that does not mean that your organization should not consider customer training just because it’s not an enterprise-level software developer.

Some Non-Tech Companies Also Consider Customer Training to Be Very Important

    • Home Depot: Home Depot provides training programs for customers on how to use power tools and other home improvement products, as well as do-it-yourself workshops.
    • Nike: Nike offers training programs for customers on how to use its products, such as running shoes and sports equipment, and provides educational resources on health and fitness. Just take a moment to see the beauty in this. Not only does Nike care about teaching their customers to use their products but they also care about their customers’ fitness. That is what makes them the number 1 sporting goods manufacturer in the world.
    • Lululemon Athletica: Lululemon provides free in-store yoga and fitness classes to its customers to help them get the most out of its athletic clothing and gear.
    • Sephora: Sephora offers in-store beauty classes and workshops to its customers, covering topics such as skincare, makeup application, and more.
    • Lowe’s: Lowe’s provides in-store workshops and training programs for customers on topics such as home improvement, gardening, and home repair.

Can Customer Training Help Businesses to Survive a Recession?

Yes, customer training can help businesses to survive a recession. In times of economic uncertainty, businesses need to focus on retaining their existing customers and attracting new ones. By providing high-quality training and education to customers, businesses can create a more loyal customer base and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

In short, customer training is really about improving the customer experience, and as long as your business is improving its customer experience, your current and future customers will definitely appreciate your efforts.

One Super Important Thing to Remember When Training Customers

Relax! Customer training is no different than regular employee training, so don’t worry too much about it being very complex or even thinking that it’s a whole new ballgame!

Just remember to focus on building training to support your customers’ immediate and additional training needs. Think about Nike. They truly care about their customers’ fitness and so they commit to not only training customers on how to use their products but how to stay healthy as well!

To effectively meet the needs of customers, it is important to understand their current level of knowledge and skills with regard to using your products. Follow this up by presenting customers with all possible solutions that your product can be a part of.

And there you have it, within no time of focusing on training and educating your customers instead of just focusing on advertising your product, you can attract the attention of potential customers and keep your current ones engaged using simple customer education training techniques!

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Customer Training: The Key to Long-Term Customer Engagement

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