The remote workforce strategy has presented employees with an opportunity to work from home, However, saving the time to travel and the flexibility of working from home has also presented employees with the chance to learn and improve themselves remotely.

This article looks at the current opportunity of training and developing a remote workforce with the help of eLearning.

How Must One Build Their Remote Workforce With eLearning?

Create detailed training plans because employees have the time for it right now

If ever an L&D professional must consider building a detailed training and development plan, it is now. With some free time to spare and not much to do socially, employees can take this time and invest it in self-development. In such a situation, L&D teams can proceed to build progressively deepened eLearning courses for employees to enrol in. Even the length and coverage of technical topics can be greater as compared to before.Research indicates a steep rise in training and development since enforcing remote working policies. It is a clear sign that employees may appreciate deeper learning if the context is relevant to them.

Immerse employees in a social learning environment

Remote working has unlocked another benefit of eLearning and that is the ability to conduct social learning. As human face-to-face interactions have further declined since the start of the pandemic, people are even more keen on interacting with each other over the internet and mobile devices. This is the best time to introduce a robust social learning platform where employees can interact, share, and engage with each other while learning and training the community around them. It’s also a good opportunity to identify social role models or learning leaders who can influence the general employee’s perception of eLearning and training.

Create a detailed course outlining just the tools and technologies your organization uses

Each department can consist of multiple sub-units which use a range of tools to accomplish their tasks. Kick start eLearning by creating detailed courses outlining each tool. As organizations continue to offload employees, up-skilling existing employees to perform multiple roles has taken center stage.  It is even more important for one employee to know multiple tools. Start by documenting all the tools at the organization’s disposal and creating individual courses with certification for each. This way, employees can enroll and learn multiple new technologies and increase their contributions towards the organization’s growth.


Employees currently have the time and energy needed to up-skill themselves. Hence, it is the L&D department’s responsibility to ensure that training and development is delivered with maximum efficiency and detail. Try focusing on more detailed courses and let employees learn in a social format.It will add to the layer of depth in the employee-base of your organization.  Moreover, challenge them and show them that now is the easiest time to train and up-skill. As, the blistering pace of the world has been brought to a near standstill. We are always here to assist with your training and development needs. You can contact our executives by filling a form or reach out to us over mail at eNyota Learning email and one of our reps will contact you shortly.

Building a Remote Workforce With eLearning

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