The eLearning industry has significantly grown in the recent years as a medium for training employees. eLearning hasn’t just enhanced the accessibility of training, but has also resolved the challenge of limited attention span in humans with its bite-sized training modules that are easy to digest.

Pharma companies have incorporated numerous technologies to train their employees and eLearning has proved to be the most reliable of the lot. This is because it is scalable as well as instantly accessible to a large set of audience, regardless of their location.

Pharma companies are governed by certain laws to ensure safety and efficacy of their products in the market. Hence, the industry demands its professionals to get trained on aspects such as Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and safety and environment training. They must also stay updated with prevailing industry trends. As training in this industry is a continuous process, it becomes necessary to keep a record of all the trainings conducted for the purposes of a detailed audit. Also, such non-compliance can lead to legal troubles for these companies.

Here are some of the key benefits of eLearning in the Pharma industry.

Training a Mobile Sales Team

Training a mobile sales team

Sales teams are primarily engaged in fieldwork and this makes it difficult for them to acquire knowledge on the go and access a training course at the time of need. However, eLearning has brought training to sales professionals in a much easier manner. Useful information and key updates can now be easily accessed any time. eLearning has therefore proven to be a cost-effective means to meet the continuous learning needs of sales teams in Pharma companies.

Compliance Training

Compliance Training

The Pharma industry is an extremely regulated industry where all procedures and processes need to conform to globally accepted norms. With eLearning, all these compliance trainings, safety trainings, etc. can be easily delivered to the employees online. Even if these trainings are conducted in classrooms, having them accessible online can make future referencing easier.

Customer Training


eLearning has also enabled Pharma companies to provide free learning courses to customers who would like to know about the processes and products in this industry. These could be the end customers, general public, or specialists. eLearning has now made it very convenient to reach out to a multitude of learners.

Maintaining and Updating Training Materials

Maintaining and Updating Training Materials

eLearning has ensured that Pharma professionals can access the latest trends and information about the industry at any given time and from any location. Effortlessly adding the latest information to these courses has helped learners leverage additional learning opportunities.

Automating Retraining and Certification Programs

Automating Retraining and Certification Programs

eLearning helps learners to take courses multiple times and even go back to the courses that they left midway. Automating these courses and certification programs with the help of a Learning Management System (LMS) also brings healthy competition within the team, and thereby increases the productivity of the employees.

Besides these, there are various other advantages of eLearning in the Pharma industry. An LMS can also offer numerous benefits and contribute towards regular employee trainings and engagement programs.

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