Behavioural training and soft skills training are two important types of employee development training for all organizations. We are specialist at creating high quality and engaging custom eLearning courses to assist with soft skill training for employees. Our courses are also used to reinforce positive behavioural changes.

Custom eLearning Courses for Behavioural Training and Soft Skills Training

As both skills are multidimensional, the traditional or two-dimensional approach to training cannot address issues such as regarding communication, interaction, grievance handling, etc.

Behavioural and Soft Skills Training Using eLearning
Behavioural and Soft Skills Training Using eLearning

Many employees in client-facing positions are not sensitive to varied customer emotions and tend to unintentionally be indifferent. Above all, this creates a negative image of the organization in the minds of customers. Hence, regular training on customers and managing their emotions, helps employees understand the customer’s unique disposition by providing them top-notch service.

Why do eLearning based Soft Skill Courses and Behavioural Training work?

Traditional training is two-dimensional and only consists of lectures and assessments. However, courses on behavioural training and soft skills need a multi-dimensional approach. For instance, understanding a customer’s body language, the tone of speech, and grievance. As a result, additional dimensions of eLearning courses such as videos, simulations, and situation re-enactments to better explain appropriate responses from employees are needed.
Traditional training and assessment methodology rely on paper-based assessments. However, it is challenging to process because simulating a situation and assessing the response through eLearning courses provides improved assessment options.
Behavioural training and soft skill development cannot be taught or learned in one day. Most importantly, regular training and continuous practice using eLearning courses on soft skill helps develop the ability to respond appropriately.
Traditional behavioural training relies on the constant presence of specialized instructors. As a result, hiring an external trainer for extended periods is not economical for the organization. Hence, blending eLearning courses into the mix lowers the dependency on external trainers.
Organizations have salespersons, business outlets, customer support centers, and retail stores located across the globe. Moreover, each region has its own unique language and culture. Regardless, organizations strive to maintain standard products and services to retain a feeling of familiarity. In such cases, translating courses into multiple languages helps ensure a standard training approach.
Behavioural and Soft Skills Training Using eLearning
Behavioural and Soft Skills Training Using eLearning

How does eNyota’s eLearning Courses for Behavioural Training and Soft Skills help?

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