Jan 15


  • eNyota starts the year with a bang, celebrating its 10th year anniversary.
  • Tons of promise this year in multiple fronts—new customers signed up at the end of 2016.
  • Expanded sales and marketing teams.
  • eNyota all set to expand its presence in the US during the year.

Jan 15


  • eNyota turns 9!
  • New and exciting clients and projects greet us in the new year!
  • eNyota goes deeper in its Agile journey, implementing SCRUM for various eLearning clients.
  • New customers sign up with eNyota during the year.
  • eNyota sets up its subsidiary in the US to help support its US customers better.
  • New iOS and Android App development customers sign up.
  • eNyota expands its sales and marketing team to accelerate our growth.
  • eNyota expands it employee base to 150+ during the year to handle growth from various customers.
  • Focus on internal training, eNyota deploys a Learning Management System to improve training delivery and reduce ramp up time.

Jan 15


  • eNyota celebrates its eighth year of existence.
  • We hire our 100th employee.
  • We help customers Apps on the Apple Enterprise Store.
  • We create native Apps based on our responsive design framework (RDF).
  • We add more clients for software and app development.
  • We set up a dedicated Offshore Development Center (ODC) for multiple clients.
  • eNyota’s co-founder, Anand Timothy, gets an award for “Excellence in eLearning”.
  • eNyota goes ‘Lean’, restructuring its teams to reflect its focus on customers.
  • eNyota goes Agile in terms of software development practices.
  • We expand our CSR initiatives by activities like tree plantation and blood donation drives, shared a Ramzan meal with children, took Maria Sharan girls for a picnic, and showcased a movie to the elderly at Tapodham.
  • The employee ticker is at 111.

Jan 15


  • eNyota enters its seventh year of operations.
  • We move to a new 12,500 square feet state-of-the-art office.
  • We develop our Responsive Design Framework or RDF in HTML5, a framework we built to help clients get their courses on smart phones as well.
  • We make changes in our branding colors and introduce the Ideas bulb.
  • We get recognized by Silicon India Magazine as one of the top 5 most promising eLearning solutions providers.
  • eNyota wins two awards for its mobile solutions including “Best Use of mLearning” and “Best mLearning Innovation”.
  • We start our CSR activities with celebrating Diwali and Christmas with Maher, Eklavya Nyasa, and Maria Sharan.
  • The employee ticker is at 79.
  • The Management team sees the benefits of their hard work, persistence, and faith in the company.

Jan 15


  • And just like that, we’re 6 years old!
  • Our iPad and Android apps become available on the iTunes and Google Play stores.
  • We start selling our LMS to clients.
  • The team takes a huge leap in terms of their skill.
  • We come up with an HTML5 framework to help clients get their courses onto mobiles with ease.
  • We do one project using responsive design using HTML5.
  • The employee ticker is at 58.
  • The Management team is now pretty savvy about how things are done, and are happy to direct their company with no clients, employees, and partners harmed in the process!

Jan 15


  • eNyota celebrates its fifth anniversary.
  • We start multi-lingual projects, localizing courses in over 25 languages.
  • Not quite pleased with the options small and medium enterprises have for LMSes, eNyota starts working on an alternative for them. PHP programmers are added to the team.
  • We start working on apps for iPads and Android tablets to run courses off a server, and integrate it with our work-in-progress LMS.
  • We launch a whitepaper on mobile learning, after a lot of research, taking pride in a document that would need to be revamped in a couple of months, thanks to all the new technology emerging in the world.
  • We fall in love with Articulate Storyline after being asked to be beta testers of this powerful new tool.
  • The employee ticker is at 51.
  • Diana Fowler, who joined us as Instructional Designer in the year of inception, gets added to the Management team as Associate Vice President: Operations.
  • The Management team can’t believe we’ve made it so far, whilst keeping our ethics and values intact!

Jan 15


  • eNyota turns four!
  • We start researching on and developing courses for tablets.
  • We revamp our Website to accommodate the changes in direction the company is taking.
  • We start a blog because we feel that at this point, we have something to share.
  • The employee ticker is at 48.
  • The directors start seeing the company shape up quite nicely.

Jan 05


  • And we start off Year Three!
  • We outgrow our apartment offices, and move to a commercial setup of 2,500 square feet.
  • The team continues to grow in terms of skill too. We’re able to cater to a wider variety of requirements now.
  • The organization goes through our first major restructuring to build a multi-faceted team that is future-ready.
  • Our technical team figures out custom skins for Articulate Studio, making them look more like bespoke training. And our clients cheer!
  • The employee ticker is at 33.
  • The directors start getting more confident about the direction the company’s taking.

Jan 15


  • eNyota is older and a tad bit wiser at two.
  • We land ourselves some more new clients from the US and UK, some of which are critical accounts for us today.
  • We start work using Lectora.
  • We realize that we have a full-fledged team, but no full time Quality Controllers. So, a couple of those get added too this year.
  • We adopt Basecamp to collaborate seamlessly with our clients, and they love it!
  • The employee ticker is at 19.
  • The directors slowly start figuring things out.

Jan 15


  • eNyota completes a year.
  • Dark clouds of recession loom on the horizon. But clients continue to expand their scope of engagement with us.
  • “Can you do more?” our clients keep asking us. And we respond with a definite yes by adding new offerings for our clients and expanding the team further.
  • We start working on Flash and Articulate Studio projects, hence taking up end-to-end development.
  • Graphic Designers and Flash Programmers are added to the team.
  • Our small apartment office starts getting crowded. So, we take up another apartment office in the same building.
  • We start receiving small projects from clients in the US and Australia.
  • eNyota continues to grow modestly and cautiously during this period of recession.
  • Layers in the company start getting formed, and the first two Functional Managers emerge from the team.
  • The employee ticker is at 12.
  • The directors continue to ponder on what it takes to do this.

Jan 15


  • In the hope of making a difference in the world of eLearning, Keya Thomas, Anand Timothy, and Karl Monteiro start eNyota Learning.
  • We start our office in a small 450 square feet apartment office.
  • We hire our first bunch of employees, Instructional Designers and Writers.
  • We are a pure Instructional Design firm.
  • We start working in Captivate.
  • Apart from one US client, eNyota services companies in India to meet their Instructional Design needs.
  • An employee handbook is put together, outlining not just policies but a seemingly idealistic set of values.
  • The employee ticker is at 11.
  • The directors spend a lot of time wondering how to run a business.