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Custom eLearning course development has become an integral part of the training strategy of most corporates. These courses drive sales enablement, employee engagement, new-hire onboarding, and even compliance. But do you know what you are paying for? What gets factored into the price your eLearning development partner charges you? Your objective is to deliver quality training; do you know what that could cost you?

Attend this free interactive webinar on How much should your eLearning cost? to get answers to these questions.

In this webinar, through examples and mockups, experts with thousands of hours of course development behind them, will:

  • Introduce you to each factor that impacts the cost of eLearning course development
  • Show you how different course features impact effort, enabling you to make better decisions by considering the – effort-impact payoff.
  • Give tips on how you can deliver impact, within budget.
  • Introduce you to an easy-to-use tool that you can use yourself to understand how much your specific course should cost.

Anand Timothy, Co-Founder and Director – eNyota Learning.
Diana Fowler, Head of Customer Success – eNyota Learning.

All webinar attendees will get our free Whitepaper: “What impacts the cost of an eLearning project?”

Who is this for:
HR Leaders
Training Leaders
Learning and Development Leaders
Sales Leaders concerned about enablement

DateFriday September 21, 2018
Time: 3 p.m. EST

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