Flash to HTML5 Conversion

Flash to HTML5 Conversion

Dinosaurs are extinct. Flash is following suit! As Adobe dropped the bomb to end Flash in 2020, the time has come to give a new life to your legacy Flash courses.

Why do we need to update Flash courses to HTML5?

Your legacy courses will not withstand the change that technology brings on a constant basis. The content might be outdated, resulting in little to no impact to your organization. With everything being accessible on the go, how can training be left behind?

HTML5 courses allow your training to be accessible anywhere, anytime, thus allowing a paradigm shift in your organization’s growth pattern. HTML5-based courses can prove to be a quantifiable and concrete return on investment with tangible results.

update Flash courses to HTML5

Here are some perks of having an HTML5-based eLearning course:

Creative: Interactive, responsive, and learner-friendly

Flash conversion can make your course highly interactive and communicative. HTML5 offers a variety of newer and fresh learning strategies which makes the content receptive and generates a higher recall value for learners.HTML5 supports a wide array of innovative learning strategies such as scenario-based learning, game-based learning, microlearning, story-based learning, and animated explainer videos that makes learning immersive and memorable. It also offers a variety of design templates, and multimedia features which makes learning fun and exciting, and motivates learner to learn more!

Flexible: Accessible and time-friendly

Flash to HTML5 conversion assures easy access to online training on multiple devices, seamlessly. HTML5 makes it flexible to take your online training on any browser or any device such as a mobile, tablet, or laptop, anywhere, anytime regardless of time and space. New authoring tools such as Articulate 360, Adobe Captivate 10, Gomo, etc. offer flexible features that provide you with compatibility and cross-browser functionality.

Secured: Protective and preventive

One of the foremost features of HTML5 is the assurance of security. On the other hand, Flash courses lack strong algorithms to fight hacking or malware and has numerous gaps which makes it prone to cyber-attacks.

HTML5 also contributes to endorsing and strengthening the identity of the organization in minds of learners through newer branding techniques.

Microlearning: A Special Feature     

One of the specialties of HTML5 is to create bite-sized courses in small nuggets of information as opposed to long and never-ending Flash courses. These courses are highly consumable and can be taken on the go!

At eNyota, we follow a unique conversion process to convert Flash courses to HTML5.

But before that, how do you identify if your course is in Flash?

  • To identify a Flash-based course, right-click on the specific eLearning course. A pop-up window appears. Check the last option. It reflects the Adobe Flash details with the Flash version number. If the course reflects Flash details such as ‘Adobe Flash Player (with version number), it is a sign that your course is in Flash.
  • Another indication is to check the file extension (.swf or .flv). This means that you need to look for a skilled set of instructional designers to create a master plan for you to update Flash courses to HTML5.

Quick Tip

After identifying the number of courses that are in Flash, you need to analyze your needs. A few things to think about are the duration of the course (do you want to break it down into smaller modules), the level of interactivities to be added (do you want to up the instructional or visual design), for example. Identify what changes you would want to make in the existing courses and always think from the learner’s point of view!

Here is a whitepaper that talks about why you should convert your legacy courses as soon as possible and how you can do that.

Better late than never! The clock is ticking, and we need to leverage the highly responsive features offered by HTML5. At eNyota, our team of experts is all geared-up to take the challenge of upgrading flash courses to HTML5.

Convert Flash Courses to HTML5. We are here to help you!