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The retail industry is expected to grow at 3.2% – 3.8% through 2018 – 2021, as reported by Deloitte. And online retail is set to give the retail sector some serious competition.

However, retail stores will continue as the preferred format for physical purchases for a majority of people. As a result, customers will differentiate good retail stores from others based on in-store experience, staff-customer interactions, availability of stock, and exceptional services.

A tested way of achieving this differentiation is through training that emphasizes a blended-learning approach. For instance, a mix of online learning or eLearning, in-store training, and on-the-job training (OJT).

It is also important to note that retail industry courses built specifically for retail training will always yield higher ROIs, for example: retail sales training for in-store staff is a more focused type of sales training as compared to general sales training for in-store staff.

eLearning courses for Retail Training


  • Tackling High Attrition Rates and Repetitive Training Cycles: Attrition rates in the retail sector are high. Sometimes reaching 67% a year. This requires retail companies to hire new employees at a steady rate and train them to perform in accordance with the store’s SOPs. Steady hiring should always be supported by steady onboarding and job related training. And classroom-based training is a time and resource consuming activity. Especially when used to repeatedly train a steady inflow of new employees. eLearning in comparison saves both time and resources, while also increasing access to training anywhere.

  • Frequently Updating Products and Services: Retail companies react to change in customer demand and preferences by updating their products and services. It is difficult to manage changing customer preferences without the presence of retail training programs that are designed to help employees understand and implement these changes. Since companies benefit from acting first and fast, the training rollout must match the pace. Traditional training fails to match the pace needed. However, eLearning is quick and easy to deploy.

  • Training Part Time and Hourly Employees: Since retail companies hire employees on a part time and hourly basis, the costs to conduct classroom training may not be justified. Instead, eLearning can be designed to train both hourly and part time employees on a range of retail business related topics and be repeatedly used to train a steady inflow of such employees without any additional costs.

  • Conveying the Message of an Ideal In-Store Experience: Customers prefer physical stores for a socio-psychological reason called the In-Store Experience. Retail chains attempt to comfort customers by creating a uniform in-store experience across all their stores. This experience is created as a result of how goods are presented and the staff who represent the store.

    Training to convey the message of how to create an ideal in-store experience for your customers is at the core of every training for retail employees. In-store experience takes into consideration everything from store presentation to customer interactions and customer delight.


Retail Industry Training Courses
  • Simulation-Based Training: Studies indicate that simulation-based training works well for retail staff training because the entire atmosphere of a store can be recreated and employees can safely train and make mistakes in a virtual environment.

  • Enhanced Retail Sales Training: We can design retail sales training that is accessible on both PC and mobile. However, it is our ability to make training engaging that can assist you with encouraging your retail staff to take on sales training built specially for them.

  • Risk Management and Compliance Training: The retail business needs risk management and compliance training to safely operate. This is because of the constant interactions between staff and customers and the need to avoid any form of conflict. Once again, we specialize at making boring compliance and risk management training into engaging eLearning courses.

  • Saving Costs on Repeated Onboarding: We specialize at building onboarding courses for repeated usage without losing the aesthetics or the functionality over time. Our courses and designs stand the test of time and are built in a way that upgrading these courses over time is also very simple.

  • Mobile-Enabled Retail Training Courses: eNyota’s retail training courses works seamlessly on mobile devices, allowing employees to train in between free periods of time—at the store or at home (based on your corporate policies).

Train your store staff in the art of selling and ensure they provide customers with the best in-store experience. Switch to eLearning today!