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The Pharmaceutical and Medical Device manufacturing industry is growing at a rapid pace. A report by Quintiles IMS Institute places the industry at $1.5 trillion globally by 2020. This is largely due to the increase in human population and better spending power towards advanced medicines and life sciences. The competition in this industry is defined by achieving greater breakthroughs and pushing the boundaries of science in the efforts to make human lives better.

With rapid changes, innovations, and breakthroughs defining this industry, the focus on training is primary. Regular training and development go a long way in contributing to major progress and improved science, which this industry has demonstrated time and again. The only way to achieve greater goals is by continuing this tradition of betterment.

elearning for medical industry

Why does traditional training fail to keep up with the modern pharma and medical devices industry?

  • Rapid changes in products: The industry witnesses rapid introduction of medical devices and drugs on a yearly basis. Almost 500,000 new medical devices and 20,000 new drugs are created each year, and traditional classroom training by itself is unable to keep up with these large numbers.
  • Shortage of qualified trainers: Traditional training in general demands the presence of physical trainers, who are in short supply. Training in the pharma and medical device industry also demands highly qualified trainers, who are even harder to find. While the industry rapidly grows, the parity increases. By leveraging eLearning, courses are designed and built once and distributed to learners on demand, thereby making training more scalable and reducing the number of days spent training in a classroom.
  • High costs of training: Training costs associated with this industry are high, both financially and physically. Besides training internal teams like sales, manufacturing, and R&D, pharma and medical device companies need to train doctors, physicians, technicians, and nurses on how to use their products. This requires large-scale training seminars which can cost a lot.
  • Tracking compliance: There is a pressing need to keep track of employees, channel partners, distributors, and sales personnel completing their compliance training, as this industry is required to maintain high ethical standards when it comes to making product claims and promoting them.
  • Need for readily available information: There is an absolute requirement for readily available information stored with descriptions and usages of medical products. Training and equipping professionals to act on time using well-documented information can be all that stands between life and death.

What are eNyota’s contributions to the pharmaceutical and medical devices industry?

  • Reduced classroom training duration: eNyota has created eLearning courses which have reduced sales reps’ training period (and related travel time) from 3 weeks to 1.5 weeks, with the rest of the 1.5 weeks of training being made available online.
  • Created courses used by industry sales reps: eNyota has created courses which industry sales reps use on a regular basis to understand and better explain product usage. Courses are also designed to train sales rep in articulating the use cases and benefits to doctors, physicians, technicians, and nurses. For consumer-focused medical devices, training on these products might be needed for distributors and resellers as well.
  • Created courses used by doctors and technicians: eNyota has created medical courses to explain product usage and benefits to doctors, physicians, technicians, and nurses who use the products to treat patients.
  • Created animated videos to explain complex issues: Courses have been created where complex issues are broken down into bite-sized animated formats for learners to better grasp the topics. These animated videos range from 2 minutes to 5 minutes, making the information digestible and easy to refer to.
elearning for Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices Industry
  • Designed training content to train customers: eNyota has created courses which organizations have used to train their channel partners, distributors, vendors, and retailers, thus ensuring all the concerned parties have complete product knowledge. This extends support to sales reps and allows vendors to provide quality customer service to the end users.
  • Created courses on good manufacturing practices and supply chain awareness: eNyota has created courses that spread awareness on how pharmaceutical and medical devices are manufactured using industry best practices and standards. These courses also provide training on effective product distribution and supply chain awareness, both of which eNyota helps your organization achieve.
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