Microsoft Excel: HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP Functions

This course is part of a larger MS Office Training and covers the basics and intermediate Excel skills and how to perform specific tasks within Microsoft Excel.

Project Summary

This course takes the learners through various functions of MS Excel. It starts with the HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP functions and trains the learners on how to use these functions through the wizard as well as through the syntax for each of these functions. It trains using screenshots of an excel sheet as an example of a scenario where certain data needs to be found using the HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP functions. Each step is highlighted to allow the learner to focus on that section of the excel sheet. The syntax of each function is explained in detail for better understanding. The course includes a ‘show-me’ screen for the HLOOKUP function and a ‘try-me’ screen for VLOOKUP where the learners get to put into practice what they learned in the previous section. There are inline questions that also reinforce the content being taught.

This course further trains the learners on functions like data validation, conditional formatting, advanced pivot tables and creating and designing charts in MS Excel which prove extremely helpful.

Technology Used