First-Time Manager Essentials

This course is meant to train first time managers on what it means to be a first time manager, what are the challenges, the roles of a manager, and potential pitfalls of being a manager and how to avoid them.

Project Summary

This course takes the learners through an overview of becoming a first-time manager. It covers the common myths, responsibilities and common mistakes made by first-time managers. It trains learners on the role of a manager in relation to their teams. It covers leadership and how to maintain a fair and healthy working environment, and strengthen relationships within the team. It prepares learners on how to handle a change in not just work profile but also change in relationship with colleagues by setting appropriate boundaries and earning respect.

This course includes scenarios that help the learners think from the character’s perspective and find a real world solutions to the problem faced in the scenario. It then goes on to cover topics like building credibility with senior management, team management and skills necessary for a first-time manager. Inline questions presented from time to time test the learners on the topics covered.

Techology Used