Employee Code of Conduct

This scenario-based course is part of HR Induction training and was meant to train new employees and a refresher training to existing employees on the policies/code of conduct of the company.

Project Summary

The course is a part of the company’s induction program and covers the code of conduct that employees need to adhere to. It focusses on 7 policies that are put into place to safeguard employee interests, which include sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination, dress code, data security, internet usage and the gift exchange policy. The course is taught through scenarios where a map of the company allows the learner to visit various sections within the company where they are faced with a scenario. This allows the learner to think through the character’s view point and answer the question they are posed with.

The sections take them to a scenario, then the company policy related to that scenario, and further moves on to redressal question. Not all scenarios depict inappropriate behaviour and hence don’t need a redressal question. This edges the learners to pay more attention at the scenario. As the learners complete going through the company policies, the policies get collected in the policy briefcase (resources pane) and can be viewed again at any time.

The course is non-linear but once a scenario begins, it is essential for the learner to complete viewing that section. This course not only is a visual treat which enables better recall value, but it uses scenarios effectively to ensure learners understand and follow the employee code of conduct at ABC Corp.

Technology Used