Just like so many of you out there, we attended the webinar on Storyline and were all praises for the tool. And now that we are one of its beta testers, we are quite thrilled with the experience. It takes development to another level and its ability to publish in multiple formats like Flash, HTML 5 and iOS is the most impressive one for us.

We have reproduced one of our most complex courses using the tool which we can share if you email us on contactus@enyotalearning.com

For running the courses published by Storyline on an iPad one has to launch it through their application. The course looks great and there are no problems whatsoever in terms of learning experience. The tracking bit is still to be figured if run through the app, because most of these LMSs have been using AICC/SCORM for tracking, but over all we just love the tool.

Articulate Storyline will still make a significant difference in developers’ lives and might be the potential answer to a number of questions in mLearning.