Times have changed and so have the needs of learners and their learning patterns. eLearning has brought learning to people at a speed that ensures flexibility in terms of self-paced learning, and adaptability while accessing information and training material on various devices. While online training has ensured easier ways of training, poor course completion rate is an issue that cannot be neglected in corporate training. Today, organizations are always on the lookout for ways to improve comprehension and retention levels of their employees, and this is where micro-learning plays a significant role.

Nowadays, as millennials form the majority of employee strength in any organization, their training needs should be looked after as well. These millennials demand training that is informal, customized to their needs, accessible on demand, and available in interactive formats.

Basically, an average learner cannot retain focus for long and has become accustomed to consuming small pieces of content in shorter bursts of time. Therefore, as corporate training requires knowledge retention among employees, micro-learning is an absolute tool that facilitates this by helping them digest important information in small chunks.

So, here are five reasons to opt for micro-learning for corporate training:

  1. Effective learner engagement

Effective learner engagement

Considering the attention span of humans is as short as eight seconds (lesser than that of a goldfish), it is a challenge to provide important information to employees that can be easily digested and retained for a longer duration. Micro-learning enables employees to learn in stretches of 3-7 minutes, which matches the working memory capacity and attention span of humans. Moreover, these short modules can be effectively accessed on tablets and smartphones. So, with more and more corporate organizations opting for mobile learning, the demand for micro-learning is also increasing.

  1. Just-in-time access to information

Just-in-time access to information

Micro-learning is the ideal way to provide just-in-time training and information to employees. These micro-learning modules can be of great support for teams that are a part of fieldwork. For example, sales, offline marketing, technical support, machine or system installation teams, etc.

  1. Personalized learning

Personalized learning

Micro-learning modules are designed to cater to the specific needs of learners. Offering solutions tailored to the requirements of employees via micro-learning makes it a more personalized learning process. This is because they can specifically choose what they need and proceed with the training course accordingly, without investing their time on modules that are not relevant to their work.

  1. Multiple ways to use short modules of training

Multiple ways to use short modules of training

Micro-learning modules created for various subject-matters can be clubbed into an eLearning course curriculum. For example, you can put CRM training modules together as an eLearning course to train sales and marketing teams on its features for process automation. Hence, these smaller chunks of information can be re-purposed, re-used, and combined as per learner requirements to provide them with effective training.

  1. Course development in lesser time and at lower costs

Course development in lesser time and at lower costs

According to Learning Architect, Ray Jimenez, micro-learning courses can be developed in 300% lesser time and at 50% lesser cost than traditional courses. Not only do they make the transfer of training more efficient, they also improve learner engagement with bite-sized interactive modules. Unlike traditional classroom training methods, it is easier and less time and resource-intensive to update digital information in micro-learning modules.

To summarize, micro-learning is the process of delivering large pieces of training in the form of smaller, digestible chunks of information. Providing training through micro-learning goes a long way in ensuring knowledge retention among employees. One of the best elements is that these tiny learning nuggets can be re-used and re-purposed based on the learning requirements, and thereby reduce the training costs for new hires and employees in the long run.

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