We are eNyota Learning, an eLearning design services agency with a multi-faceted team of 100+ people. We work with various eLearning partners as their extended team. This is so they can do more without investing in an internal team (especially during this period of tight budgets).

With the uncertain situation that COVID 19 has brought with itself, a lot of organizations are continuing to make changes to how they want to train their staff in 2021. This means that digital training is replacing formal methods of training. And if you’re a training company that is looking to blend digital training into your offerings or you build courses for resale purposes, chances are you could have landed yourself in a position where there’s a lot for you to deliver, but you just don’t have the bandwidth.

We partner with multiple training organizations across the globe, helping them execute large projects and take on more than they normally would. However, a common question that arises is about eLearning pricing.

Let’s Breakdown the Rationale Behind Our eLearning Development Pricing

Volume and Seat Time Affects eLearning Costs

Course duration and total number of course elements play a major role in determining the cost of developing an eLearning project. Short, simple, and text-only courses can be used to convey basic training, whereas advanced training needs demand a little more. While the former is very straight forward, the latter requires you to embed several complex courses elements like interactivities, videos, assessments surveys, etc. to assist with knowledge retention. So simpler, shorter courses are faster and easier to build than larger programs (consisting of a large number of learning hours).

Complexity Means Increased eLearning Pricing

Next is complexity. Complexity with regard to the content and approach. Here is how we define complexity:

  • What is the state of the raw content? Is it readily available or do you need to hire a Subject Matter Expert to write it out for you? The cost needed in bringing together content for your eLearning project forms a big part of the development budget. If you have content in the form of policy documents, classroom training, webinars, seminars, etc., this forms a great base to script your eLearning course. Starting from scratch will affect the costs of your eLearning project.
  • eLearning is not the same as traditional training. You do not have instructors conducting a session. Instead, learners are guided by the design which is laid out by instructional designers. And depending on the desired levels of instructional design, the complexity of designing the course increases. Some approaches include a simple template-based approach, or an audio and media driven approach, conversation-based approach, activity-led training, video-based training, or even gamification. The further up the Bloom’s Taxonomy ladder you go, the more complex the instructional design approach gets. Choose the right approach by keeping your learners and budgets in mind.


Technology Adds to the eLearning Costing

Here’s a curve ball. No matter how basic your course is with regards to design and volume, the technology you choose will always impact the cost of your eLearning pricing. Here are some scenarios to think about:

  • The cost of integrating your eLearning project with an existing Learning Management System or your HRMS or any other enterprise system that you use. Albeit such implementations must be considered at a later stage.
  • How do your learners prefer to access their training material? Modern learners want access to training anywhere, anytime. Not all authoring tools allow for seamless multi-device compatibility. The choice of tool will impact the development efforts. Always consult with an expert before choosing your development tool.
  • Sometimes analytics and user behaviour collection technology are implemented into the system. This works towards collecting the information needed to make informed future decisions and that again adds to the cost.

 Team Size

Depending on how quickly you want the project to go live or the type of complexities you choose, the size of our team that is working towards delivering you a stunning result increases or decreases. Adding additional team members to the project can speed the process, but the pricing of eLearning is also affected accordingly. Consider your timeline and work back from there. Consult with an expert who will help you determine the right approach and process to make your timelines work.


As modern trends and technologies transform the market, developing cutting-edge eLearning projects in a dynamic environment is extremely challenging. Since several factors impact the price of eLearning projects, it is important to understand and analyze each course and the audience for which it will be developed.

Various elements come together to decide the pricing of eLearning projects. You can visit our eLearning cost calculator to get a quick and effortless quote through just a few clicks.

For a more customized quote, reach out to us at via mail at contactus@enyotalearning.com or schedule a free consultation call with one of our consultants here. At eNyota Learning, we have over 14+ years of experience to back this up!

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